How do u go more than 30 days nofap


Guys I was wondering how do u guys go beyond 35 days as I always relapse whsn I reach there
Any tips will be highly appreciated

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Same Case Here. I had done 4-5 times 30 days streaks.


Will power and refusing to submit.


I once reached on 46 days, I didn’t focused on which day of NoFap i am, I was just living my life and was so busy to complete daily things, 46 days passed so fast that i didn’t even realized.

Simple tip - Focus on something else and don’t be panic that how you going to do, Just don’t think about it, And stay busy in other things.


My longest has been 47 days on hard mode and included a wet dream. I let it go after.
I agree with PrinceQasim and I also didn’t realise how I did that many days. On your journey there I’ll recommend meditation if you have high mood/emotional swings and always to think 1 day at a time, just today! Especially for cravings.


In my experience, over 30 days is relatively advanced and if one has temptation at that time, it would be difficult for a day or two and then become easy again. So, you should remember that the temptation is temporary and realize it is not worth it to fall. Avoid situations where you are more likely to relapse.

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:sweat_smile:it’s not easy but not impossible. Get out of house when you have urge. Have someone with you or go friends house. Keeping doors open of your some exercise, keep your self busy like watching anime whatever you like except R rated content.cold showers help a lot but i dont know how.I am doing these stuffs & hit 90 once & 30 days many times since last august.


Same here mate, I relapsed between 30-35 days for 5 to 6 times, but somehow I managed to not do it this time. One thing I would like to say that I experienced is… once you cross 35 days mark then to masturbate or not is a choice not a compulsion like it was during the first 3-4 days.

Observe why you failed the last time. That way you can improve. I used to get complacent and used to test myself whether I could watch porn and not masturbate to it. But I ended up in relapsing.