How do I take control over

How do I take control over my dick I feel like I’m a slave to it. Every second of my life is wasting in thinking about girls, I don’t want to be that desperate. One thing I understand that getting laid is near impossible for me right now cause that’s a whole lot of work and I’m trying to focus on my goals for a short period (6 months). I was a social media addict but after starting nofap I had gave up on it. So the only distraction for me currently is girls. And I’m spending so much time in how to get girls kinda stuff ,my sexual energy is wasting on it, I don’t want that for this short period I want to utilize it in working on my goals. How do I take control over.

I understand this is just a desire, like a kid have it on toys, once he gets it he don’t need it after a while.
Honestly I don’t want girls at all at this time, or maybe after, but why do we need them at the first place , man it sucks. but idk what is this desire inside me attached to the dick. Why it has to be this much powerful. I need help. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated for how can I become a ब्रह्मचारी or monk or whatever you call it.

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Bro you have to understand one thing. You say that you keep thinking about girls, that you don’t wanna have a serious relationship but you wanna have like a fling. Then you gotta work for that my man. This is something only you can do for yourself, no one else. You have try everything there is in your power to achieve what you want. You cannot escape the hardwork. It’s like saying “I wanna be a billionaire, but I don’t wanna be a businessman or I don’t wanna work hard”. It just doesn’t work. Becoming Brahamchari is a big thing, not something that you can just use for sometime and then just throw away. And also it’s not feasible for us. So rather than getting tired and keeping things to yourselves, go out, take risks, ask girls out whom you like,out for date, get rejected. You do that for 1 year and then tell me after 1year that you don’t have a girlfriend. If you say that you want to have a beautiful" girlfriend, then bro I am sorry to say you might not even get the not so beautiful ones. If you just wanna have a fling, let that girl know that you just want something casual. Don’t fool them, be brave and straight. That’ll do.
I know that I don’t have a girlfriend,but I also know how being straight forward works in life and everyone likes a straight forward person. So don’t hide your intentions, let them know what you are looking for and you will surely meet someone with same goals.


Girls are not your problem… unless you make them.

If i provide you 100 beautiful girls for 100 days, believe me you would not get enough you are searching that someone in various women but… the search is never complete. The direction in which you are searching is a mirage.




Read my post on the «what about girls (and life)» topic. I think it could help you see clearer