How do I stop masturbation?


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This is my second topic.
I’m gonna share you some effective tips to get rid of masturbation. These tips require only one thing to practice and that’s your body and nothing apart from this .
So what are those types ?
If you’re a student then these tips are gonna be easy to follow for you. I’m gonna give you a routine starting from morning and ending to your bedtime.
1.Get up at 5:30 am. Get up means don’t be on the bed like a patient after opening your eyes.

  1. Get on to your terrace/or an open place giving you fresh air after doing your morning rituals .

3.Get a place in your home where nobody is ready to disturb you for 15 minutes .Roll off a mat and sit there and close your eyes and focus only on your breath and nothing else. Many dirty thoughts will mess in your mind casue when pesticide is sprinkled on pests they start running here and there. Meditation is a pesticide for dirty thoughts .You’ve gotta focus only on your breath not on those pests . Do this for 5-7 minutes with complete attention. You’ll feel peace and freshness and is way better than that freshness obtained from fapping.

3.After that ,Get your breakfast and rush to school/college . That day you’ll feel more activeness inside you than those days of masturbating.

If you don’t go to school then make a routine a little bit more difficult to follow than that of school time table.( Because you’re at home and free to do anything , anything means that sin also).

  1. When you feel like you ain’t going to stop yourself from masturbating anymore then take a deep breath and drink a glass of water . Sought out “No” i won’t do it at any coast . Remember your goals. Imagine ,if you’re masturbating someone (maybe your classmate) is not masturbating at that time and he is working hard to attain stability in life . You’re just waiting for the life to knock you fuck out . When the result of examination will come he’ll win and you’ll be left with nothing but regrets and failures and your hand on your fucking organ .(sorry I’m in angry mood).He will enjoy his life with Mercedes, Lamborghini and high raised apartments and you’ll still be rubbing your fucking organ in the corner of your room laying on the bed like patient of paralyses.

  2. Do heavy mental and physical works . You can set a plan of doing 13,14,15 or 100 (or whatever potent for your guts) push-ups daily .Drink milk ,eat eggs ,eat chickpeas and fight . Life isn’t easy .

  3. Don’t lay on the bed like a patient everytime without a reason .If you lay and some dirty thoughts come to your mind then get the fuck out of there and drink some water.

8.If you think about a girl in your mind and masturbate then know that she’s not gonna give you the thing in reality and you’re just fucking up your own present and future . She doesn’t give a fuck about you but you waste a precious fluid for her who doesn’t give a fuck about you .

9.Don’t use your cell phone before 1 hour of getting on the bed . If you sleep at 10 pm leave using your phone at 9 pm and from 9:40 to 9:55 try to follow the step 3.

  1. Don’t touch your phone if you get up accidentally at midnight cause this will drag you towards the pornworld.And if you start getting dirty videos in your mind then just focus on your breath and not on those videos . Don’t touch your organ at any cost if you still don’t get control then remember your dreams ,goals and ambitions. Imagine what will happen if you masturbated ,you’ll again feel sorry for yourself and again will be depressed And everything will be fucked up just for 2 minute pleasure.

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