How do I enable backup for my account

Hi :blush:

Could anyone of you guys tell me how do I enable the backup option so that whatever is my streak count,and other info get saved when I re- install this app ?
I’m going to uninstall this app as I spent large amount of time in going through the posts and reading diaries,from the statistics, it’s on average 3 hours per day. That’s huge time waste

I want to use its browser version and don’t wanna constantly look at my counter to get it 90 days. I will re install the app after 3 months. Till then I use continue using this forum in browser version

need to know the same



Thanks, dude for your effort. Although I am feeling a bit sad to uninstall the app,but I will active in browser version. I need to stay clean for 90 upcoming days after which I will re-install the app

Thanks again


Dude don’t uninstall for atleast for 2-3 days BCS u relapsed yesterday u can’t handle the chaser effect alone & good luck for 90 days streak👍.


ok brother sure as you say

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I read that despite of the backup if I install the app on other device then the counter will reset.

How to make sure that the counter will not reset?

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Repeat the Same process instead of backup now select restore option to restore streak.

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