How Do i discipline myself?

Hi I need help on how to discipline myself motivation seems useless and i hate it now.I lack discipline in my studies and on no fap.Btw im writting this in the middle of a science exam because i cant concentrate im on no fap day2,I usually relapse a lot on day 2.I want to make it to day 3 buti have been fantazising since morning I did cold shower, i felt relief for 30 minutes but then i started to fantazise and now i cant concentrate on this exam and i have 10 more questions to complete.If u can help me out please do.It will help me for the rest of my life


Sorry for wrong grammar im in the middle of the exam and i have only and hour more to complete it so i haad to write this up fast.

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turn off your phone. Concentrate on your exam right now. Whichever answer you know,just write it down Otherwise try to guess. If nothing works, just give the paper and come out of the hall. decepline starts from you. You need to change your priority lists and value the things which is there for you. No one can permanently fix or find a solutions.(how) For e.g telling your brain that you can use phone is not decipline ( my way of thinking)

After exam probably ask yourself why and how you can you fix but right now start concentrate on your exam. At least come out of hall by saying yourself you gave your best of your ability by answering the questions.
To be honest, I also don’t have any decipline in my life. But I am sure someday, I am going to figure it out(already in my own journey to figure out my priorities)
Someone said like this,
This is what happens in our life. We are careful with things which we value most.
• If we value our health, we will be careful about what and how we eat;
• If we value our friends, we will treat them with respect;
• If we value money, we will be careful while spending;
• If we value our time, we will not waste it.
• If we value relationship we will not break it.
“Care fullness is a basic trait all of us have, we know when to be careful , Carelessness only shows what we don’t value.”


Try it by keeping targets . Like Aim for 21 days first . So in that , 21 days you can be focused as its short time compared to 90 days . After you complete your 21 days the neural network related to addiction will weaken and it will become easier to deal with urges . But , Have a target and commitment . Don’t play it blind .


Yes but i can barely make it to 2 days.Whnever i try to make it to 3 days i end up making excuses and fap.Im currently on a binge cycle and it so damn hard to even make it to 5 hours without fap.

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Complete the test first, then come back to have time to discuss.

I completed it already

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Surprisingly i got 74/80. I expected 60 s lol.


Discpline means doing what needs to be done at its own time.
Discpline only comes by making a habit. What you practice becomes easy. If you practice distraction (using social media all day/ binge watching series) then youll get good at distractions.
But if you practice studying, then at first it will be difficult. You will need will power first to force yourself to study. But after a few days, it will get easy.
Let me say it again,

It will get easy. Just practice what you need to be discplined in.

For noPMO, ill copy paste some tips that will help you achieve higher streaks.

You need to break free from the chaser effect and stop binge watching porn first. You can break free. You just have to believe its possible. You just need to practice some important skills.

:fire::fire::fire:5 MAGICAL POINTS for a High Quality and BIG STREAK and AVOIDING a RELAPSE :fire::fire::fire:

These are some points I have learned in my journey from experience and from other amazing companions.

POINT 1. Learn to automatically divert your eyes away from triggers. Maybe you dont want to stop using youtube or watch a movie, Ok no problem. But you need to train your mind and eyes to not check out the opposite gender and only look at their face. By following this, you will get expert in dealing with popups and surprise triggers.

But If you are early in your noPMO journey then its better to avoid all triggers. Go on a dopamine fast (no dopamine and entertainment from screen). Just avoid visual and auditory i.e. ALL TRIGGER. Stay the hell away from screen, social media and movies (also series and animes). Don’t check out girls or opposite gender.

POINT 2. Stay busy to defeat physical urges. Don’t fight the urges, it will get powerful if we concentrate on it. Staying busy is the ultimate weapon to defeat horniness. Staying busy for a lifelong goal and dream is better. Follow a routine. Don’t divert from it.

POINT 3. Never fantasize. If a sexual thought comes, just focus on something else. It just takes 5 seconds to redirect to a new thought. Entertaining a thought will increase its power and make you more horny and create powerful urges. So focus on something else.

POINT 4. Don’t touch your privates ever. Don’t put your hands in the pants. NO Touching!!!

POINT 5. Remember your horrible feelings after EVERY. SINGLE. RELAPSE!!!. No porn will satisfy you. No masturbation will make you happy. PMO will not decrease your stress. It will not relax you. You don’t need PMO to feel good. You don’t want PMO anymore. YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED BY PMO ANYMORE. YOU VIEW PMO AS DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE AND VOMIT PRODUCING. YOUR PAST IS PAST. NOW YOU ARE A NEW AND BETTER PERSON. AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THAT CRAP!!!.

After breaking from the conscious mental attraction of PMO, now just take a cold shower or put cold water on your privates (if you know for sure you won’t touch yourself). Then stay busy in your task. Or take a walk, socialize, eat or drink something and exercise.

Practice these 5 points. Make it a habit and you will NEVER relapse!!!

Congratulations, you just avoided and defused a relapse. You are getting better at this. SOON , YOU WILL ACHIEVE HIGHER STREAKS AND BREAK FREE !!!. MAN, YOU are SIMPLY AWESOME :fire::fire::fire:


What’s stopping you KING?

You have relapsed before to a movie, TV series or anime.

Why are you seeing that again?

You have relapsed to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat , YouTube, Reddit (Social media) before.

Why the hell are you using social media again?

You have relapsed before to boredom and free time.

What is stopping you to occupy your time with positive, healthy, and fun habits like exercise and gym, meditation, book reading and socializing with positive trigger free people etc?

Why do you take the same road again and again if you don’t want to go to the same destination?
Why do you keep putting your hand in snake’s den expecting to get pleasure when still you have got yourself bitten every single time for the past countless times?. Have you forgotten the pain, depression, and disappointment of your last relapse?


Are you not fed up enough with this worthless, energy and happiness draining PMO addiction? Are you not willing to sacrifice your fun but triggering activities like entertainment from screen?. Can’t you get entertainment from real life like people before technology did?. Are you no willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to quit PMO?
Its not even a sacrifice as you don’t get any benefit from PMO but get tons of benefits by abstaining from it. You don’t need to sacrifice anything to not put your hand in snake’s den. Instead you gain.



Thank you so much.Ill make sure that i follow this.

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