How do I beat this?

I just want that one glitch in the matrix. That’s it . The glitch to help me stop. I feel like this addiction feeds on me. Every time I do the deed. I literally feel my life seep away from me. I’m so tired. So frustrated. I feel like a heroin addict that just cant put down the syringe. I want to stop. But after a few days, she calls my name once again. Over and over. Anyone. Anyone at all please tell mewhere the rabbit is. So I can overcome this.

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Who knows. It’s different for every person. Some say they read about facts regarding the porn industry (e.g. impact on the brain, sex trafficking, abuse in the industry etc.) and that is enough for them to stop. Others need a different process.

For me personally, “process” is the keyword. I’ve been doing this NoFap thing for a couple years now and I’ve seen progress. I’ve had good streaks and I’m getting better at making the days count, instead of counting the days.

In that sense, I will share with you some tools that have helped me on this journey and maybe some of those give you that “glitch” you are talking about or perhaps hints for your own process in recovery.

Things that might make you quit at once…

This e-book:
This documentary:

Things that might help your process:

Take your time, those things mentioned have been a game changer for me.

Take care.


I really appreciate that. Thankyou. I will abide my time in all of them. I understand this is a process. And I’ve been battling this for years. Especially once I became I christan I started to hate myself for it. So thankyou for the help. A little goes a long way.

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