How decreased a mobile use give me some tips 🙏

Helo guys l need a advice and tipes. Because my mobile hour reach maximum my limit is 6 hour usually my mobile 4 hour minimum used :worried: in these 2 day my mobile hour increase 5 to 6 hour :neutral_face: that why l need advice. Mostly l am not use social media any l. Deactivated my all my social platform. But mostly time use and watched my YouTube. Sometimes l watched web comics. In web comics destroyed all my times these day. Because l after study for a hour l wanted some dopamine my brain . My brain craving of dopamine that why usually l watched web comic too much. If l. Decided l Don’t watch web comic l only follows for a week l. Don’t watch. After ba days again l watched a web comic. Sometimes I’m watching after a week but l Totally not over come from web comics addiction. Sometimes l don’t watch for a month. In YouTube l mostly watched rost but. But this YouTube much Controlled. Anyone give me some tips and advice. In
Because peoples are all the replase cases are attached due too mobile that why l decided l go mobile detox :sweat_smile::joy: but sometimes l try mobile detox next day use more than other days​:sweat_smile:lol. But l have app blocker and some mobile screen app which shows how many l used a mobile :neutral_face:. I an not much mobile detox person :sweat_smile: but l try my best. Any one give me some tipes not more mobile use please :pray: give it in this massage type this l also a mobile use. Guys l seriously need a advice :pray:


Hi, sister to decrease your mobile addiction keep time limits to apps u r addicted to. There is an app called action dash that works well & the second thing notifications, we check our phone a lot of times thinking of new notification came from a particular app & to control that use the filter box pro app. It blocks all unnecessary notifications & u can batch which u want to see it. Hope this helps.

Read a book…novels preferably…

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I would suggest u just check rewire mobile addiction challenge
I felt that might help
I’m too addicted to youtube ,web series and games
Trust me
I tried setting time limits to app
I tried to off notification of WhatsApp
But it didnt work
I used to remove the time limit when I wanted to use it
Then whenever i used to lift phone i used to open and check WhatsApp to see if any important message
What u can do is

  1. Check out the challenge
  2. Let the notifications be on so that when they arrive u get to know what is important and reply them
    But don’t get dragged
    Hope u have a great day :blush:
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Nothing will work. These app developers, android developers, social media- attention scientists have invested billions into this small dope machine that you are holding in your hand. Everyday they are doing research to make you hooked!
Each second you are spending on this shit is earning them millions and billions.

So how are you going to win this fight against billion dollar industries, attention scientists and corporate tycoons by using your small will power??

Trust me, I have tried all ways
I have installed all these blocking apps, switching off notifications, hiding phone in the almirah. But just like pmo Addiction your Brian is addicted to the small dopamine these apps are giving.
There is one easy way to get out of this smart phone disease we have contracted

Downgrade to a flip phone.

That’s all. I did it and its working for me.
Iam extremely mindful and happy throughout the all day.
You can also delete YouTube, chrome etc from your phone as well. There are YouTube videos showing how.
I do all internet browsing in pc.

One study recently done in Harvard or Stanford (I think) concluded that, if people continue spending time on their phone like they do now by the end of their life they would have completed 11 years on their phone.

Do you want to waste 11 years of your life on this?
In 10 years you can become a genius in anything! Damn, its high time that we took serious action against this!
Watch this video :point_down:
100 and thousands have already done this.


If you can tell me what phone model you have probably I can give you the best answer.

In my phone there is a option called focus mode when I enable intense focus mode and set timer for 60mins or any minutes. The phone will be locked for 60 mins and cannot see notification or access any apps.

This is available in realme and mi phones as far as I know.

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Mi phone redmi l have brother @Element45

Hey brother @Tagore means you don’t use smart phone. You use a flip phone button mobile. And you use laptop for entertainment l think :thinking:

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Thank you guys give such a nice advice. but now l am thinking of my childhood where no mobile is theirs in we have telephone and PCO l recalls my childhood memories but after 6 class smart phone is beginning comes too our lifes that time also some people only have smart phone. Samasama and micromax comes as smart phone. But l recalls my memory of childhood where we play a games instead of mobile like now children. My childhood we played chor police, doctors doctor, chhar parchi, phosam bhai etc 9,10,11.class smart phone arrives in our life we can seen a how much people change mobile arrives our life. I think mobile phone make a people dumb these days. These days 11to12 year children are becoming a infuser :joy: what the shit is going on they have lot of follower they our infuser lol :joy::worried: and youth is also going in wrong direction. Family got separate by mobiles. These days like Netflix, Amazon Prime making a lot of shit web series they seriously damageing a youth power :neutral_face: our youth consuming a shit they damageinga society too. They are alone watching a Netflix and amozone prime gave us contant which our youth don’t watch to family. They why l don’t use any social sites . PM modi says l youth becoming a super power lol :sweat_smile::yawning_face: but youth are going wrong direction :neutral_face::pray:.


If your phone is Redmi you can delete chrome, YouTube, chrome etc from it. Follow this video if you want.
Only if you take serious steps you can take back control.


This Netflix , Amazon prime and other social media platforms like Twitter , Fb , instagram are total shit . Once if someone falls In trap of these things , it’s very difficult to control yourself from using these platforms.

I have never installed these platforms or social media sites as they are full of toxicity and I will never install these anytime in future.


I want to tell my personal experience
This topic is one of my favorites
Why ?
Coz last whole year I wasted watching webseries
Vampire diaries all 8 seasons
Barish, flames, clg romance , comicstaan both the seasons etc and I have watched many movies
But now I don’t even think about those
I used to wake up at night 1 to see those
Those days sleep reduced from 7 hrs to 5 hrs
I didnt focus on my studies
It hurts when I see now I have so much to cover up which I could have done are those times

I quit all these shit
If I want entertainment I’ll save money and go for a movie once a month and that too those which don’t trigger me
Day 2
Going good though alone at home
All the best


Yeah that’s why I never bought those redmi & realme phones. They are full of ads & some time semi porn ads come in those phones UI & notification shade.
Stock android is best😍.

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A few days ago, i found the solution which will work the best for me.
If you block something, you will try to go around the blockage. Instead, make it unattractive.
Two things:

  • activate greyscale display. (Studies have shown that one spends less time on the phone like this). Everything becomes less exciting. You don’t have these flashes of color
  • download the app “a decluttered launcher” it will remodel the screen. On the home screen you can choose 4 apps. If you want to access any other app you have to search in a list sortet for names. Like this, you have to actively search a specific app

Thanks brother @neveragaintw this tips is really working make unattractive your phone l am using my phone greyscale display make old TV like blackin white display :sweat_smile:l okk with this they why l am not using a phone much . And l am also using a declutter launcher make my phone more Unattractive.


Bro, this shit is really working!
My phone looks like a calculator :joy::joy:
Extremely useful tips man.
Extreme minimalism!
Thanks for sharing dude. Most people don’t know about this.


Thanks @Tagore and @neveragaintw
I didn’t paid any attention to it at first but when tagore pointed it out, I installed it and Wow !
My phone looks like a calculator :rofl::joy:
Only 4 apps to use
Extremely Useful !
Everyone who is reading this do try this once !
Thanks for sharing brothers !