How can we be stick to our plans

We made number of plans/goals everytime
But we don’t follow it…
So, I would like to know that how can we be stick to our plan?


For me it’s basically just determination.
I know you’ve heard this before, but it is true.

Once you get to the point where failing is no longer an option you will do it.

You must answer these 3 questions, the reasons for quitting. First, how badly is this addiction effecting your life? Second, is it worth going back? Lastly, you want a reason to fight, what are your goals?

These reasons must be strong enough, otherwise you can almost be sure you’ll fall as I did and everyone else has.


You need to have good reasons to stick to your plans. If you want to quit PMO just to try the possible benefits or because you think you have watched too much porn, that’s not enough. As @Sacred said, you need to have a clear vision in your mind about why you want to quit this habit, what are you expecting from this journey, what will happen if you don’t quit and if it’s worth it. I suggest you to read Forerunner’s NoPMO Plan.


We stick to our plan due to dedication. It’s like how much devoted are we to get out of this situation? Are we really dedicated? When you face urge/trigger that question is answered.

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Hey @NEW_CHALLENGER. Well then your questions is a nasty piece of work there. No offence just the honest truth. All these questions have so many variables and the answers give you more questions and variables than the straight and honest answers your looking for.

Lot of guys ask how to be productive or efficient or how to stick to plans and do anyone wanna give advice on this. Look we all are different and we all have different tastes, methodology, expressions, obstacles in life. We don’t implement a lot of things in life because of the EFFORT in which things needs to get done.

Yeah, I have a big mouth but hear me out. I did a lot of promising, planning and dreaming only to one day waking up realising that it is up to dustpiles and gone nowhere. Why? The plan only stayed a plan and no effort was done the dream stayed a dream because no effort was done. Effortless stuff was or seem more important than what we truely want or need to do. We just do the basic things to survive and think on living a content life.

That why they say action speak louder than words. Start doing more and asking less that’s how you stick to plans. You need action and yeah what the other said is true you need dedication but add discipline as well to keep moving. I learnt that asking to many questions lead to so many more hardships and cost more then what you think. I am still asking those questions hoping for answers or a possible contentment, but for now I do with what have I got.

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