How can I reward myself after I achieve my goals?

I want to know from u guys out there that what do you do usually if u want to reward yourself for completing a certain goal in nofap
I completed my goal that was going 15 day hard mode but I dont know what to reward myself with , something that will motivate me to keep on the fight
Ps I used to reward my self with ice creams chocolates and outings but they dont work anymore

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Any thought guys???

Go outside and buy icecream …

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Try doing something you love to do but haven’t done in a while.
How about changing up the food you reward yourself with?


Thanks but like what I cant seem to think about this , any suggestions?

What about pizza? Or a movie?

Not possible under the cercumstances that i live in , but the movie yeah I can try that

Or a new videogame? :slight_smile:

Maybe even some sport clothes or equipment that might encourage you to be more active and make it more fun :slight_smile:


Thank you guys , all of you . I found a way to celebrate my goal . I thank you again for the suggestions