How can I put myself in a do-or-die situation?

Do you have and high Res music and a good pair or earphones or headphones?
I’m going into audiophile stuff here.

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Yes, I guess you can say that! I have airdopes 440. And Marley earphones. I’m not a headphone person. It warms up my ears, it makes me uncomfortable

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I bought some high Res earphones and got some high Res music and it sounds insane.
I bought the KZ ZSN pro, they sound insane.

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Damn son!!! isn’t that 4-5 k?

Na na,it’s 1800 plus some weird 1200 rs cable, so 3k.
The sound on it is pure bliss.
My old boat earphones pretty much sound shit when I compare them to it.
The bass on the KZ is nothing like you have ever heard before, it’s smooth and punchy af.

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Simply think about doing only …
Why you included word " die "

Think about die it’s good to have that failure of god will give you that push and he is the only one who
Accept your weakness and your strongest …

It’s your greatest fight man … Yes
And you find something new by enjoying this companion

Trying to get your greatest .
I hope that you will be happy by doing this with commitment and hard resistance …

It can be … pay for it



I wrote just because I see people calling it like that but I only meant a situation where I can’t allow myself to relapse hehehe
Thanks for the advice!

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Not at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hand:
We are all fighting here together :wink::+1:


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Is Dean Ambrose’s status in companion tab.

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Sounds wrong.
What is a do or die situation?
Leave an addiction or kill yourself if you relapse?
It sounds like delete a virus from your pc or throw it away from a window. It’s like clean your table or burn it if you can’t. How about reinstalling the os? Or cleaning the table?
Put away your anger, and start living. You won’t need to put yourself in any situation.

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