How can I put myself in a do-or-die situation?

I’ve been feeling a lot of urges lately and I was really about to relapse. I read that some people put themselves in a do-or-die situation, so they have no choice but to win. How can I do that?

(A do-or-die situation is like “If I relapse I will loose my job” or something less extreme hahaha)


Well I’m not sure whether this will work .

You can say to yourself that if I fap I will cut my pp.


That might work Id say "if I fap ill post an embarrassing thing about myself*


Send me sth awkward about u (I promise I won’t read it) and the number of your mom. I’m going to send it to her if u relapse


Well it is totally not the way to overcome. You should read “easy peasy”. Go and download it fast and read.
Wish you luck.


1)Throw your phone away, i.e stay out of the screen. 2)Keep your gaze lowered when you see a women outside.
3)Have a stiff preplanned schedule & stick to it for the next couple of days.
4)Don’t stay alone.


Uhhhhh XD.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Well, I mean there are 2 ways of fighting PMO

•To admit that you gotta become a true man and fight this addiction

•To realize that it’s actually easy after you know all the sides effects (The EasyPeasy method)

I kinda agree with both and I’m already reading that book, but it happened sometimes that I couldn’t relapse because I was afraid of the immediate consequences instead of the side effects so it worked for me.

Anyway thank you!


This one could do the trick thx!

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Do or Die is for animals. Animals can’t fap for a reason. They were born as animals for a reason. We have the ability to better ourselves before we die. And that is the whole point of being a human being. Not about simply “surviving”. If you go crazy thinking about all the “negative side-effects of pmo”, then how will you have the motivation to control yourself when there are no negative side effects?

What if there was a natural disaster and emergency services were knocked out. You could rape, rob, and kill whoever you wanted. No negative side-effects there. Which is why you see such things happen. Rioters taking advantage of a peaceful protest, serial killers taking advantage of a stranded motorist. Those people have your mindset. Which is why in the 19th century they were reffered to as “uncivilized barbarians”.

It is important to improve your moral sense. Otherwise you will lose control of your mind and it will give you excuses on its own. Think about what is wrong with porn. Im going to give you a boost here… If adults are supposed to be trusted to do the right thing… then why would someone still be considered an adult if they take their clothes off on camera? After all, if they know the whole world will see it and if they still proceed to do it wouldn’t that reduce them to the level of a child? Yet the law does not see it that way. The law is the institution of Do or Die. And if Do or Die mentality fails to solve this porn matter god knows how many other things it is failing in. All that is left is morality. And you need to spend time blowing the dust off of yours.

Urges come from two places.

The mind and the body.

I just told you how to strengthen your mind. Now with regards to your body let me tell you, it is far easier to control than the mind. Try holding your breath, try disciplining your body with pushups or with some other physical strain. Whats important is that you make sure your mind dominates your body and that your mind is under your control, for it is the middleman in the game they call “life”. And especially HUMAN life. Because as I explained earlier, we aren’t animals (some of us at least…)


Ya sure there are two ways .
I hope you succeed in prooving your words.
Wish you strength. :grin::blush:


Get a accountability partner and decide a amount every time you relapse you gotta pay him an x amount and do it religiously

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I feel, in spite of fighting the odds, you should start focusing on building something new and better for yourself.

You should not fight the odds, it will always be greater than us. In spite of that you should develop some skills.

In short, you should not put yourself in do-or-die situation in order to fight.

My suggestion would be whenever you have urges to watch porn and fap, start reading good story books and exercise.

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