How bad this PMO is?

Ey Evry1,
I have joined recently, and read few posts but still I want to know How Bad this porn is? kindly write the demerits of PMO.
Because since I am addicted to this bad habits whenever I relapse, I remember only those pleasureable moments(merits) which it gives when we do fap while watching Porn.

If you guys write the bad points then it would definitely helps me to convince my mind that it actually a bad habit.
I know it will take time to convince myself that is bad habit. As I had very long time addiction.

You can write your experiences too which made your life worse after getting addicted to PMO.

I think this group will help everyone in someway.


I know, before relapsing, we think it is gonna be the most pleasureable moment but in reality its the opposite,
Imagine ,
just after the relapse, You will realize that what youve done to yourself. You will get demotivated, you will think why god why, why i always have to lose. Then you will waste the whole day thinking about all these stuffs. You will think you are not attractive, … You will be full of brain fog. You will be in a situation where you feel helpless.

So basically wasting your day + unhappiness the whole day due to overthinking.

It happens with me dont know about others


Can you tell me more so that I feel that hatred feeling against PMO? @nofapstar123

Bro, the hatred against pmo, its not that easy you cant get to that level by listening to others,
It will come from your inside, And the moment that feeling comes, You will realize that you have won it.

In my opinion, being busy, is the only solution to pmo.

Nofap journey is never linear bro… We face failure many times during this journey. Even i failed many times, but if you give up after failing than thats the end


Btw good luck to you, man! Keep improving bro

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Anybody else want to add some points??

Demerits of PMO:-

  • feel demotivated
  • self sabotaging
  • overthinking
  • brain fog
  • feel helpless

Its bad or good depends on you
If u addicted then its bad for sure
If it helps u in any way keep doing

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Nature is so perfect that violating its rules without consequences is impossible. I think nature has a wonderful influence in the world, it literally controls everything that happens. A man that masturbates three times a day will surely have a shitty life, he wont be loved by his wife, his colleagues and if he get a job it will be a shitty job, he will never enjoy life if he doesnt stop. he will never know anything about the joyous animal spirit that breaths deep inside all of us. He will have a face of weakness, making him an easier victim. Thieves, criminals will always aim for the weakest so he will for sure be an offer to a crime some time in his life. It’s nothing to feel bad about, its natures way of punishing him.
If a frequent masturbator ever get kids, they are most likely to be retarded, thin and weak, depressed or they will be affected with some kind of other mind disorder, and children inherit their parents sin. The bible explains this very clear, we arent just us. We are our parents too. They are so right. A person that never masturbates, never let his mind dwell upon dirty thoughts, will always, I repeat, always have a happy life. He will be gifted with the general joy to be alive, he will have a clear mind, his children will look up to him and love him, his wife be proud of him, he will have courage, a sense of justice and positive events will always seem to follow him, he has a natural luck in every aspect of life.

A person that masturbates everyday cant even look at an honest dog in the eye. Its the worst of all crimes against nature.

What shameful act would you rather be busted for? Your mother seeing you steal something, beat someone, or seeing you masturbate? This clearly shows that masturbation is a sin, moral aswell as physical.

Source : Reddit post

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If it’s good then I wouldn’t be here.
@rg2341 I think you didn’t read what I asked for.
If you can help anyone then help, just don’t confuse them.
Anyways thanks for the advice.

I think you want to say what goes around, comes around. Karma :v:

Precise words, No doubt.

Then why people do debate on social media that masturbation is taboo in Indian family?
I know it would be shameful to be busted doing masturbation and family member caught you.

It happened with me too :cry::sob:

At around 8.25 am today, local time :sweat::persevere::scream:

@Yaxir brother did you relapsed today morning?

Yeah… Had a pretty good streak going.

It was late at night and I should have slept. Instead I chose to stay up and read some ‘stuff’

One thing led to another and i lost my streak today… I fking stayed up ALL NIGHT just so I could fap.

God, i wish we men were born without any sexual urges or fetishes !

What @nofapstar123 said in his first comment, it felt really true because i just experienced it … hours ago

I wish same but …without sexual feelings.
Because if I don’t have those feelings I would be living normal life.

What makes you stay up all night? Are you watching some stuff like videos or any media

It doesn’t help you in any way, period. Don’t even suggest such a thing. What the hell bro? Can you even tell me ONE positive effect of masturbation?

@Adidas2201 Let’s do this

Porn is :

1.NOT real, it is a distorted version of reality, designed in such a way to keep you hooked. A super stimulus - like junkfood, but for your brain.

  1. Actually causes sexual problems in you. Porn desensitises your brain to actual real life sexual stimulus, to such an extent that you will no longer feel any attraction or erection to real women. You WILL have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, desensitisation of your penis - bottom line, you will be that fucking loser who can’t get his member up for the hottest girl on the planet if she was laying naked right next to him, but can cum to her picture on a screen in 2 seconds. Your only sexual activity will be, therefore essentially just fucking your screen.

  2. This can also turn you onto a different path. Whatever you see on porno is not real, right? It is not. It is a distorted version of reality, but when we get exposed to pornography at a young age, guess what? Our brain is taught that porn is reality, and whenever we search for sex, we search for shit that we see in porn like bdsms, bondage, extreme kink, monster, necrophilia…I don’t wanna talk about this bro. Guess what mentality we get landed up in? Yeah that’s right, as rapists, sexual fucking predators, pedophiles… torturers…worse than animals, people who deserve to be shot in their faces. People who are actually a danger to the society. We heard about the motherfuckers who raped a kid in UP, did unspeakable things to her, ate her alive, cannibals who ripped a human being to pieces to quench their hunger for sex, because they were too pathetic and desperate that any decent women would never look their way. Guess where they started out?

Dude, I can go on and on and on about this. If I had nothing better to do, I could sit here for hours and hours, writing to you how much of a fucking evil pornography is. Now I’m not religious, so I don’t believe “masturbation” is a “sin” that can take you to hell or concepts of punishment of gods, I fucking hate PMO because it is a fucking bad thing for me. Do you like cocaine? Or heroin? Guess what, when you fap to intense hardcore porn, your brain is the same as that of a crack addict.
Porn shoots up the natural dopamine level in the brain to 200% of normal value. Heroin shoots it upto 300%. While you just get one shot of cocaine, and this dopamine squirt happens for a moment, you can be edging through 4-5-6-7-8 hours like a maniac, keeping multiple tabs open, endlessly clicking, wanking like a maniac, never satisfied, burning through your brain…

This is not even the tip of the iceberg bro. This is just a small dose. You must educate YOURSELF. Read up on it, watch TEDtalks, countless people are coming forward now, daring to talk about the evil of porn and excess masturbation. Check the topic(I have linked it below)out, there are some videos right there.
I cannot seriously tell you how dangerous it is. Please tell yourself. Start with “Your Brain On Porn” by Gary Wilson if you haven’t yet. Hope you make it bro, hope we all do.

> Blockquote


What the hell bro? Sexual urges and feelings is what makes you and I or anyone Men. It is our sexual urge and energy which motivates us to do stuff. How do you think the species would continue if the men were born without sexual urges? It is all about the energy, and how YOU choose to outlet it. Your energy and drive is a fucking blessing. Don’t denounce it ok? Just don’t waste it on fake shit like PMO, prostitutes and stuff. Give it proper outlets and productive purposes. That’s all bro. Hope you deal with your relapse well and bounce right back up. :fire:


@neetwarrior Thanks mate. I needed to hear this !

Now that you mention it, i am not quite sure…

I was just tired and sleepy.

And then i felt… I dunno, kinky ?

Like naughty or something. There was a small feeling of nervousness in my chest. And then i just went with it…

I notice this is a pattern every time i have a long streak.

Like i believe that fapping is a reward for a long streak… Very weird habit and way of thinking

I need to get OUT of this mindset !

Even I want to change this belief. Let’s defeat this habit together. @Yaxir

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You helped me… as I expected
Thanks alot I am noting it down so that whenever I feel like porn is a reward I will repeat those.
It feels like you’ve experienced a lot. Keep in touch lot more to learn from you.

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