How an addiction can destroy someone

In today’s world I think Everyone knows about this legend

But does anyone knows about his Father?

Very less people . His father was an alcohol addict , he used to spent most of his day at the bar drinking alcohol whole day , as a result his family lived in poverty and he didn’t had a job… As a result he died when Ronaldo was 20 due to excessive Alcohol consumption… Ronaldo wanted that his dad could see him becoming a world champion but that never happened for him as he revealed in one of his interview and started crying …

It was just an example of one in Millions.

If we don’t take the action quickly these dopamine addiction can destroy one’s life and guess what , you will not be the only who will be suffering , your closed one also will suffer coz of this…



He win to be and we will win by staying strong day by day …


yeah man! any type of addiction can ruin someones life!
thanks for sharing this! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just came across a fact, there is an actor Terry Crews one of the main actors in the show Brooklyn 99, his body is jacked up as hell but he was so badly addicted to pornography that he had to go to a rehab to overcome this addiction. This is a curse that our society is facing now a days.


Man Terry Crews is one of my favourite actors because he’s one of the few that supports nofap a lot. Great person too.


That’s true

Yeah, plus he is ripped as hell and dances so good too :joy:.


Bruh during my time off the app, I explored the internet as usual but man was I shaken when I read about drug addiction and stuff.
It literally kills you, PMO is on another level, it will kill you so slowly and with so much pleasure that you won’t notice the knife digging into you.
It robs everything from you and makes you not much different from animals.

Seriously, if you want a boost to quit this addiction, just go read about drug addiction stories and related stuff on Reddit, YouTube or anywhere, I fking hated myself for even cumming.

I have a really good explanation as to how it feels to be in this addiction for me.
If I could sacrifice my fertility forever to get rid of this addiction I would willingly do so to never get back this rabbit hole I fell so young.
Only people with this addiction know how to weigh this and compare this addiction to everything else.

Porn does not show the same physical effects as other addictions quickly but it does degrade your physical health in the long run.
And your mental health is pretty much down the drain at all times.

Imagine how you would feel if you get free from this addiction, the freedom you would experience, just keep that in your mind and continue your life.


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