How accountability to this community works

I want to share an experience of how accountability helped me recently:-
I want to report something. Yesterday night I dodged a huge bullet. I was feeling sick for past 2 days, fever and weakness in body and cold. Due to that, I was feeling like shit. Couldn’t work properly. Because of that, I was having this feeling of PMOing. I just wanted to feel better, even if just for a little bit. All my rationals were turning against me. As I was lying on bed, I began to open that incognito mode and as I was about to search, a voice came to my head:- “So this is it, huh? Ask yourself this question apoorv, when have PMOing given me real happiness? Never!! And what about the community that you are a part of? Are you just going to betray your brothers like that? How are you going to explain to those people that you relapsed, when you yourself preach a lot about NoPMOing?”. I suddenly came to realization. I stopped and threw my phone far away and went to sleep. Today morning when I woke up, I had a subtle smile on my face. I realized that even though, all my reasoning were against me, but it was this commitment I have made to this community that kept me going. So once again, thank you all for the help. #NoPMOforever
#day66 strong😇

Please share your experience too to promote constant accountability in this community.


Thanks for sharing bro. Success and victory sheds light.