Hot showers..... Benefits?

Is there any benefits of hot showers?

Please tell me.

I do it mostly everyday in the morning :joy:. Cuz here temperature is 2° C
Its so relaxing man! Feels like nothing else!


I have also started hot showers , here in my location temperature is -5 degrees :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

I’ll freeze with cold water .

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Here is 6-7 degrees
But i take cold showers :wink:

Same , cold showers are amazing

Brugh, I start with Hot, then go to warm, then to neutral lol, then colder, cold, then only cold. Also - after the Hot water the Cold feels soooo relieving, idk how to explain it.
Also dont forget to bow three times(my way of thanking the water, use your own if you want :grin:) after the shower to thank the water.

Aum! Namah! Shivaya!

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Warm shower seems better than hot shower I think, easy to you skin especially the face skin and balls/scrotum where they are very sensitive… If the temperature in your area is low, then maybe a hot shower would be okay. I’m in a country where the temperature is around 30°C so, I took cold showers everyday unless on a long rainy day