Hormonal Imbalance?

Does fapping creates hormonal imbalance?? If someone could explain on this topic can plz share their opinions. And also getting beard at a very young age or getting beard very rapidly after shaving and facial hairs. Is all this because of fapping?

No no… Fapping only has short term effects on testosterone. Nothing longterm. Even the theory that it effects short term is not proved scientifically I guess. Getting facial hairs sooner or later is genetic. Obviously some other factors will influence it, but its very minute, we dont have to consider any… Getting hairs soon, I take it as a good thing, I got it sooner than my friends and they used to be jealous a bit lol.

Nevertheless, Masturbation is addictive and it has a lot of negative effects. I suggest you to avoid it completely.

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This happens in nofap.

Let’s say during your fapping for this your body is normal. Not accurate but just to explain.

Dopemine 70ml. Rises after ejaculation to maybe 100 ml and lowers back down to 70 ml. Normal levels.

Other happy/pleasure hormones 40 ml

Stress hormones 12- 20 ml. This could also lower due to a porn or masterbation session and normalize back to 12- 20 ml.

Testosterone fluctuation from normal to low to normal levels. 50- 35 -> 50 ml. This happens during ejaculation it drops and in recovery rises.

Okay so let’s see what happens during nofap.

Instead of having high levels of dopemine all the time. This happens. Dopemine don’t reach as high as 100ml and goes back to 70 ml. It drops as none gets released into the body for the pleasure. This drops to maybe 45 ml or lower. And could normalise on the new level or lower even further too.

Other happy/ pleasure hormones 20 ml. No pleasure and more stress to the body. Happy hormones might normalize back up to 40 ml this depens on your overall happiness and other indulgences like chocolate.

Stress hormones 45 ml or higher. This normalize back to a lower level to depends on the stress you have. Remember the body is in little bit of shock when it does know what is going on and why you avoided fapping/porn.

No testosterone fluctuation. No recovery so instead of lowering it increases and go back normal levels. 50->75-> 50 ml.

So yeah all these ml is what is present in your body/blood. This is were the imbalances take place and the body reacts towards it. To keep things normal.

So what happens is. Withdrawal symptoms like headaches, pain in the lower areas of the body. Nosebleeds or excessive touching and obviously the urges.

Other things that could happen is get moody and sleep is a bit affected.

Hope this helps bro good luck stay strong and awesome