Hopefully this will wake you up from emotional slumber

Guys, I want you to know something very important from today onward. And i will not compromise on this standard of thought and value.
This NoFap NoPMO commitment is about FREEDOM. We are recovering from porn slavery. How long do you want to remain as slaves of porn and porn is making billions of dollars in profit, while we are struggling. Don’t you want freedom? Choose freedom over emotional dependency and slavery. Otherwise you will lose respect, integrity and pride. You are more than urges and porn. Do not give up. You need to be committed and serious. You cannot waste away your precious time on earth while porn industry is laughing at us. Make this earth a better place. Your porn addiction and urges are not going to be useful to anyone including yourself. So think about it, meditate on it or do whatever the heck you want but do not forget that this is about your own personal and spiritual freedom, the freedom of your mind, the power you have to create value that people will want. So yes, ask yourselves, are you making good use of your time?


Trust me, I’ll be doing A LOT in my free time! Especially this upcoming weekend!