Hi, I'm new! ~ Come and meet me?

Hey thereee

Hmmm where to start…
Yep, I feel kind of motivated today so I was brave enough to introduce myself

I’m Completely New to this App, and I’m also completely new to the No-fap Movement/Community … So please don’t laugh if I lose my rather tiny streak this week. _.

I’m a 20 years old male… I will probably never tell my irl name but you can call me “Zer”, “Zor” or however you want for now… I just don’t care anymore

I’m Chilean, which means I live in Chile🇨🇱 (South America you dummy), so… Spanish is my main language

I’m currently studying English Pedagogy at a Local Chilean University… and that’s why I can stay here with you guys…
I’m still learning English so please don’t hesitate to help me or correct me each time I commit a mistake (I learn fast at least)

• I’m a Protestant Christian, and I’m really interested in Psychology topics
• I love to create cute fluffy characters in which I can feel identified with so that I can express my self through those characters of mine
• I love to read and write juvenile narrative animal fantasy stories
• I adore Chill/relaxing electro music
• I’m really into the Furry Fandom and Pokemon fandom…
• I really admire people who is artistically skilled, specially if they are devoted to the art they practice
• I like to learn about many countries’ culture

• I got some crazy dreams to achieve like: Visiting many countries as a Tourist, To Buy & learn to play my 2 favorite Music instruments (Hangpan & Kalimba), Having the most adorable Red Fox & Raccoon as pets, Owning my own customized Fursuit (A weird furry fandom related thing) and Tasting the most delicious Blue Bubble Tea :purple_heart:

I’d say what my favourite color is, but I really can’t decide among Light Blue, Shiny Orange, Pure White and Fancy Purple

My fav animals are Foxies, Red Pandas, Raccoons and Kitties

I don’t think I’m taking this no-fap challenge to seriously in my life yet, since I don’t really know what are my motives to do so…
I might change my mind and take it seriously one day, but I’m doing my best still

I’m willing to improve and change to get the best version of myself. I’m willing to acquire this super natural super powers of you no-fap guys…

I would love to get a “partner”, or whatever you call the person who is willing to help you through the very first days in no-fap community, since… Despite all what you might say, I still feel really lonely without a partner willing to help me and guide me in those things…


I’m always willing to make new friends and meet people online, especially if they’re quite similar to me

And Idk what else to say so I guess that was all for today, Cya!


Hi ! my name is jainedra , from India iam here to support u brother tell me without hesitating i just lost my almost 50 days streak ! …


Dude, It’s going to be toooooo humiliating to lose so easy right in front of such a winner like you are, don’t you think? xd

Nevermind, tysm for your help anyway

It’s much appreciated, nice to meet you


There is nothing like that. Nofap can’t transform a normal human to a superhero. you can only unlock the best version of Yourself with the help of NoFap that’s it.

Also everyone here is so supportive. You can check out threads and gain knowledge. And last thing. Do take this NoFap thing seriously and quit these shit as soon as possible. Because the more time you are in this, the harder it gets to quit this.

Translation -

No hay nada de eso. Nofap no puede transformar a un humano normal en un superhéroe. Sólo puedes desbloquear la mejor versión de ti mismo con la ayuda de NoFap eso es todo.

Además todo el mundo aquí es muy solidario. Puedes consultar hilos y adquirir conocimientos. Y lo último. Tómate esto del NoFap en serio y deja estas mierdas lo antes posible. Porque cuanto más tiempo estés en esto, más difícil será dejarlo.

No @Desperately_needy_Zeraora i am not a winner just a moron…and there are lot of people who are on streak from a complete year i am just an atom infront of those …btw im 17 we will support eachother …thats what a community does moreover we have same goal what u say ?


I’d say… Let’s discover it together in DMs?

But I’ll prefer to answer it tomorrow though…
(It’s 4:11 Am here in Chile right now, I’m falling asleep)


U better sleep talk later :sleeping:!


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