Hi guys. new here. on day 5 and feeling sensations. suggestions?

Hi all. hope you guys are doing well. I am on day 5 of nofap and since 2 days I am feeling like there’s a need to pee or there’s something in my penis and testicles. thought there’s no erection just sensation all the time. any suggestions?

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Go see a doctor if you feel its serious or its causing you physical pain, otherwise don’t worry about it as it may pass within the week.
I’ve had a similar experience, I felt it was due to edging


Thanks man! there’s no pain just that feeling that there’s something

I wouldn’t worry, maybe it could be chakra or something opening up :smile::+1::pray:

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It happened with me too.

New Experiences often scares us but there is no need for worry.

You are healing.