Hi everyone/ Hola a todos

After a few minutes of pondering on what should be the first thing to do after joining the forums I decided that introducing myself to all you guys and gals should be my priority.

Despues de algunos minutos de pensar en que deberia ser lo primero que hare al unirme a los forums de esta app decidí que lo mejor sería presentarme ante todos ustedes.

My name is Jin, I’m 22 years old and I’m addicted to pornography and masturbation. Like many others on this app I decided to try to overcome my addiction. I’ve attempted several times to get myself to stop consuming anything related to pornography but in the end I always ended up back to square one.

Mi nombre es Jin y tengo 22 años y soy adicto a la pornografía y a la masturbación. Como muchos de ustedes he decidido tratar de superar mi addición. He intentado varias veces dejar este mal pero siempre termino regresando a mi adicción.

I’m not going to claim that this time it’s different (since I’ve said that before during my past attempts) however I do believe that being active in a community dedicated to help and support people who unfortunately are also affected by this horrid and difficult situation is without a doubt something that can help me overcome my addiction.

No voy a clamar que esta vez es diferente (he dicho esto mismo durante mis previos intentos fallidos) sin embargo, considero que estando activo en una comunidad dedicada a ayudar y apoyar a otras personas que sufren del mismo mal que yo es algo que puede ayudarme a superar mi adicción.

I really hope I can be strong enough to acheive my ulimate goal, which is to erase pornography out of my life and leaving it behind. I also hope there’s a moment in time when I’ll think about this time as just an ugly memory that is left forgotten in the threads of time.

Espero que pueda ser lo suficientemente fuerte para resistir y alcanzar mi meta, la cual es dejar la pornografía atrás y fuera de mi vida. Espero además también que pueda mirar atras en el futuro y solo ver esta penosa situación como un feo recuerdo que iré olvidando al paso del tiempo.

Feel free to message me about anything if you wish to discuss anything related to my addiction or if you just need someone to talk or listen to, I am also more than happy to try and help anyone who approaches me.

Sientente libre de contactarme para discutir o hablar sobre mi adicción o si tan solo quieres hablar o necesitas a alguien que te escuche estaré mas que feliz en poder ayudarte.

Les pido una disculpa por el muro de texto que les escribí y les deseo un buen dia y espero que todos algún dia podamos superar nuestro gran mal.

Anyway, sorry about the huge wall of text and I wish you all a great day and I hope we can all eventually overcome this great evil together.


Hello. Welcome! What kind of Porn, are You addicted?
My addiction envolves the distruction of Manhood.

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Hi, thank you for commenting. Well, I don’t want to be very graphic and explain anything that could trigger anyone into relapsing, but I can say that it’s usually pornography that involve good-looking women from Japan.

Sorry for being off topic!

Bro your profile hurts me after todays episode in chainsaw man :disappointed_relieved:

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Hahhaa I know, it’s heartbreaking isn’t it? Tbh I always thought Himeno had potential as a long lasting character but we don’t always get what we wish for, do we?

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