Hi all! I am new here

Hi everybody in this app, I am new in here.
Sorry my English its my second (third) langage, I hope you’l understand my mistakes.
I tried in the past a differant website but they didnt have an app which is very important for me, over there I stated a 40day goal by taking 1 day at a time and I reached it succesfuly then I relapsed and couldnt start again.
I did try a SA group it was terible for me, didnt help one bit for me, but I do suggest it for others its just my personality is not to open up in front of others. Maybe one day I might change.
I am here to be clean and keep clean.
My goal is to take one day at a time.
I do feel that what helps me best is to incurage and motivate others.
I am here to help who ever is seeking help.
It HELPS me to go on…
Good luck to all of us.



I am also new to this app. I wish you the best of luck!


No bro, taking 1 day at a time is the worst strategy. No fap is not a milestone that you have to reach and then you conquer it, no. It doesn’t work like that. The reason you’re failing again and again because you’re not determined to leave this habit forever. This is a lifestyle bro, you have to stay like this for your whole life. Good luck :smiley:

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Touched my heart …exactly correct…1000%

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True. But for some people to set huge goals is way too dificult for them, so they will give up before starting.
But if you take each day as a single goal, everybody can do only one day nofap, then another day and so on and so forth without relusing it they can reach a week and two a month and another a year and a lifetime…

At the end we reach to the same resolt one looks at the whole mountain the other looks at each rock individual.

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I relized that my bigest problem that I am too much time on my phone.

I am married to my spouse and a parent to my children.

So my first goal is No phone in bed and no phone around my kids.
I have to focuse on them.

I will try to post on a daily basis my success


Good strategy :+1: spending more time with them will definitely help

Day 1
No phone in bed :vibration_mode:
No phone around my kids :part_alternation_mark:

It wasent a 100% but it was way less.
Its in my concious mind, wich is a step in the right direction.
Got in bed and sleep on time woke up early.

Good day everyone

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Hi bro. 1st day here too. hope we get over this smoothly.

heres my code: em4whn

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Day 3
No phone in bed :+1:t4:
Gets better and better, i am sleaping on time, getting up early. Not as tired during day.
One little change and see positive diferants in just 2 days.
No phone around my kids :warning: still not too good at that, but improving in the right direction.

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Great strategy! It takes a lot of discipline but should yield results. Just Make sure to follow it for several days/weeks so you develop a habit out of it. Best of luck!

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