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Gender - M

Why I want a companion - *I already have a companion in nofap reddit. I couldn’t convince the person to join here. I think this journey is more fruitful and easier with more people. A stick breaks quickly but a stack is harder to break. So I am looking for more people to join me so we can help each other to get to our goals.


Welcome to this community @hopelessGuy2020
I am happy you wanna change like everyone here trying to…
If you feel that I can be your nf partner then feel free to text me anytime.

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Thank you for response. It is my pleasure to have you as a companion to make progress together.

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Welcome Buddy :v:
Keep It Going


Thanks! :+1: good luck to you too brother

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I love the optimism in your username bro😂


If it is possible now then kindly change your username to hopfulguy2021.
That’s suits better

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