Hey! Guys i need your support!

Follow me that things appreciate by you! I am in nofap journey 150 days! Today i am prisoner and my 2nd day has been running so very difficult for me on the path of this jounrey. After this journey when will complete i will do semen retention of 1000 days as like Bharamcharaya path.

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Excuse me brother, are you planning to give any deadline for this lifestyle? See brother, don’t consider this as a challenge, it’s a lifestyle we want to lead for an entire life

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Brother many people adopt life style to take best benefits like female attraction major cause ans some other like alot benefits and my adoption of nofap challenge donnt take like these benefits who depend on my life styles.
Life style depends on society and society want to lead you etc…


nice @basit3046 … well, initially it’ll b quite hard but keep going…

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