Hey anybody help me

Hey guys please help me
I did my best to stop this addiction scince February
And I am still failing

I used every every and every method but still relapsing

Is anybody there to help me!!!

There is no hope left guys
Please help me!!!

Hey bro, I’ve been on this journey for couple years, and on this forum since January

We all have bad , days, weaks, months,
Try to learn something from everytime you relapse, write it down and start over.

You didn’t fail, we fail when we stop trying to get better.

Look how crappy that was for me, I’m not doing any better than you, my life is in chaos, but we should keep trying together.

When fighting pmo, I found the best way to do it, is to get better in every aspect in our life, or at least try to. And keep trying, and gain experience. Learn from your mistakes and rise again and again
Until we beat this.


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