Hey all. i just want to introduce myself idk

hi :wave:t4: my names jesi! im from manila. im currently 17 and im doing no fap because i dont want to spend my life as a teen doing god knows what. if i want to change i should change now. i dont want to spend my entire life regretting what i did when i was young so here i am doing it. i know times can get rough sometimes. we all go through the struggle. we cry. i cry. i hurt. i ache. but the hurt is good. it means you’re healing. its changing you. we may not know each other but we only have one goal. to get out of this hell hole. about me i do crochet, knitting and embroidery and sometimes i collect reasons to cry at night and i love oasis! :heart:


Welcome to the community bro

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Thank you for welcoming me! if you want to talk im down

Welcome to the community. Good luck :dizzy:
Believe you can and your halfway there🤗

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