Here to fight! (Looking for a companion to walk with)

Sharing code - u2lsio

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 1 day
Age - 18
Gender - F
Location - US

I just downloaded this app today. I have tried several times to get out of this destructive habit on my own and I recognize I need help. I’d love to connect with others that want to out porn behind them and get through this together.


Earlier i relapse on 49 th day…
Now on 3 rd day…
You can join me, together we defeat it…it is so achievable just alert highly in initial days

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code= jb4y4m
current streak = 5 days
highest streak = 54days

target =for entire life
but first ill complete 90 days


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Code: 0c0s06
17 M, Student
Following 75 Hard
To See my progress and guide me
Do follow @just_saumit on instagram
Let’s Walk on the Path
And reach out our Destiny! :muscle:

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Code - 43afdd
Current streak - 4.4 days
Highest streak - 24 days
Gender - M
Let’s encourage each other.

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