Here i am starting my journey

16/May/2020, 12:00 am
So here i am writing this with the very determination of quitting PMO.
Its been years that i was trying to get rid of this, but failed like a thousand times maybe. I did researched a lot on how to quit pmo on jounals youtube and lot of other stuffs but i will be on the same boat after some days of starting the addiction.
This time i really think that i can make a change, and i think its not like the other decision that i took and failed on.

Here i go… With My new journey, new life, new habbits.:pray:

Day 1


@Caan brother you don’t how much good app this is this a true saviour I also tried 9 years everything every solution but now I am lucky to have this app these companions you will feel shame to make them disappointed …these badges rewards will control to go back from zero that life was shit…those daily posts stories motivation and these little challenges with companion will make race of becoming better person from last what you are and other


:pray::pray::pray::pray: it’s been just 4 hours and i having this deep feeling of saying myself that this time i can do fight this :100: :muscle:.
Yes bro we are on the right way. May allah bless us with the ramdan and give us strength against the evil.


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