Hensmkekdmrmes 30 day diary challenge

Being a living breathing human being I declare that I will not fap for 30 days (pretty straight forward isn’t it :joy:)
Why??? You may ask. Well the simple answer is I feel horrible after fapping.
I’d like to share a quote with you guys:
If only youth knew, if only age could. -Henri Estienne


Ok I’ll look up some habits I want to commit to an then edit this post so one sec (more like 1hr, maybe 2 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
I already decided on what habits I’ll build I’ll build 3 of these:

Considering I already turned cold showering into a habit (I haven’t taken a hot shower since April this year) I’m going to focus a bit on: stretching, exercise and have already started with quitting two of my most used social media platforms (Instagram and YouTube) and have been waking up early for almost 3 weeks due to school but now I’m thinking of waking up even earlier (like right before azan el fajr to pray the fajr and go back to sleep and then wake up again at 7)


Day 1: almost in 24hrs today I woke up at 7am and took a cold shower and I also have my second online session today in a few minutes. Just thought I would update. Currently feeling A-OK.

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A few hours till Day 3: keeping strong yesterday was a hard day but I made it through I was just getting urges and thought I should just update this right now I am going to: clean my room; make my bed and than study.

Relapsed right before the 7 day mark. But I got to be honest it was a really good week :grin: (elhamdlilah)

DAY 7(and 18 hours)
Keeping strong brothers, November is near…
Today I tried to do a bit of belly breathing it feels less comfortable then normal breathing tho