Help with the problem


Hello guys im current at 7 day in nofap also i didnt watch porn and having orgasm for about 2.5 week and still one thing boder mr. Before nofap and still i having the problem with not enought long erection. But only in situation when i not play fun like giving her pleasure or not masturbate couple seconds. I watch porn and masturbate i think from when i have 14 years old and now im 30. Im not addicted with masturbate but to porn yeas, 3 weeks ago i need to watch almost naked or naked woman every day. I try no fap mix soft mode, hard mode and monk. I dont use social media, tv, no internet, only neutral apps on phone like wiki, maps, mail, messenger and games on pc/ps4 no porn, no masturbate, only allow sex but without orgasm. Im hard to stay 90 days in this. But my qestion is this help i mean is this help to stay erection even watching a white wall?


If you are having problems maintaining an erection (and any medical causes have been ruled out), it is likely to be caused by the porn. Porn rewires your brain so that what you find arousing is porn and not actual women. The good news is that this is temporary, and the more time you can spend without porn, the better your erections should get. Be patient though, these changes don’t happen over night :slight_smile: