Help please i want favour

hey guys it’s my 8th day. it’s first time for me that i came so far after being addicted to this shit for about 5 years. I dunno what’s happening with me , many times I tried to quit pmo addiction but i used to relapse afree 1-2 days but this time something un usual happened after 2 days i dont have any urge to masturbate even after watching porn. my lil guy is getting harder but I am not getting urge of masturbation. can someone please help and explains this to me.

It’s flatline which means your brain is healing, at this point of time you may feel depressed and you can feel there is no point of continuing no fap.

But what really happening is your brain is healing from your old habits and you will soon get some benefits on this and if you go back to PMO now you’ll lose all the upcoming benefits.

Most of the people will go to PMO at this point of time, to check whether they are okay, just like you did watched porn.

Believe me there is light at the end of this tunnel.
Stay strong :v:


But bro i dont even getting feeling of masturbation my Brain is not forcing me to masturbate idk why❓.
And i am fully motivated to beat this addiction this time. I think flatline is helping me in quitting this addiction.
Thanks for your help

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Don’t worry bro it’s completely normal within couple of days you will feel the urge to masturbate but don’t do it :wink: stay strong.

If you still have questions about flatline, read this article everything explained clearly

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Thanks buddy you really helped me :love_you_gesture::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:

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