Help please! 2nd day and I'm losing my mind

I’m on my 2nd day of no fap and i can’t concentrate on anything. All i can think about is how i badly i want to jerk off, my pp feels really weird, it almost as if my pp has Spidey senses. I’m losing my mind, someone help
Update: still day 2, was riding a motorcycle and experienced 3 close calls! 3! In a span of first 10 mins of riding. That’s how foggy my mind is right now!! Please help! This is serious


It’ll go away with time bro try not to focus on it. Focus on why you’re quitting pmo in the first place. Goodluck.

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I’m trying to focus but all i can think of is girls. I can’t focus, it’s all foggy

Dear chiru i hope u have to go for a wet shower and walk and talk to someone

You have to understand that all of these are withdrawal symptoms. It’s normal to feel like that. Whenever you feel these urges, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the place that you always dreamed to be in, the person you always wished to become and the goals you always wanted to reach. Are you ready to sacrifice this unlimited happiness to get a temporary joy that lasts for seconds. You have taken the decision to stop this addiction and you will. Always remember thay you’re strong enough to change everything.


That’s great and everything but did you read my update?

Starting days are always terrible @chiru . You are one of us…if we can fight our way through it, then you can too. It will be worth it , trust me.
Concentrate on your breathe, feel the urge as it fades away, urges don’t have any power over you, you are incharge here. And the more you practice this, the more control you get.:+1:

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You can trying to do things that you like/enjoy… like a productive hobby. Such tasks are easy to focus on.
After some days observe if the desperation is becoming less and less.

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That’s the thing, i do not have any productive hobbies. Any suggestions?

I believe you can answer it best. Take pen and paper and start writing down as many things you like. Try to think. If nothing comes to your mind then when you remember anything keep adding to the list. Or simply google what habits are good and add them to your list if you feel interested in those habits. So at the end you have a nice list and you can choose what to do from that list. If you spend some time you will have a nice list readyfor yourself.
For me some of the things are:
Reading books.
Learning new language.
Learning new interesting things on the internet.
At one point i used to play games daily for fixed time but not anymore as it can be addictive.

Any kind of physical activity bro. Sports help you to reshape the sexual neurotic connections that are installed in your brain and provides you with dopamine and serotonin so you will feel good.

I somehow went past 48 hours, have to say, i feel much better now


Well done, brother. Good job.