Help needed to report another

How to report a user?


You can flag the comment of the user… Or/and you can ignore the user by ignore button on his /her account…

by clicking on the three dots below the post

or you can mention @ Taher (without the space) where you want him to see the post

What do you mean by report?

I am getting too many weird messages and its negatively affecting me. There is no way to inform on such people who are sending me hurtful things.

@_inactive, maybe you could do something.

Just mentioned his name with @ sign here…
And @taher will do the rest…

As neetwarrior said. Best is to press the three dots, flag it as innapropriate.

Like this, all mods (and taher) could see it and react. If you mention taher, only he can see it.

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