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Relapsed after 2 days of nofap, depressed and disappointed… This is the second time this week that this happened. Please let me how do I stop this habit… I know my urges… Mostly after 2 am i start to look at porn… So 3 things can be done *sleeping early… *Not using phone 2 hours before sleep… * using porn blocker for android just in case for atleast 1 week.

So please let me know of any good and free;) porn blocker for Android and some other tips.
Please and thank you.

I can’t help you with the porn blocker app, but I will say definitely try to get your sleep schedule under control. Set a time where you decide to go to bed (preferably as far before midnight as possible for you) and decide to stop using your phone half an hour before then.
If you know that’s when you always relaps, then don’t keep putting yourself in that situation. One thing to remind yourself is that if you go to bed at 4 in the morning and wake up between 10 and 12,youre getting the same amount of sleep as if you went to bed at midnight and woke up between 6 and 8. You can do all the stuff you do that late in the morning if you really wanted to, but you’ll most likely find that in the morning, your brain is alert and ready to take on the day, and would rather get stuff done.
So yeah, if you find a porn blocker that’s great, but that should be the last defence, not the main thing stopping you. Get your sleep schedule under control and try to start waking up earlier and taking on the day. Once you get used to it you’ll be so fulfilled by the time you would normally want to start binging internet videos you feel like sleeping so you can do it all again tomorrow.
I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong brother


2 main things to help you on your way to pmo free journey

  1. Don’t let relapse get the best of you. It’s good that knowing relapse is bad but if it gets to the point when you relapse and you feel really down then that’s bad. You gotta know that the more down you get the harder it is to get back up. So accept that you made a mistake and try to move on but this time stand strong

  2. when urges and stuff happen distraction is key. Go for a walk, play video games etc but basically keep busy to not give you a reason to Relapse.

Anyways wish you all the best in your journey and stay strong

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