Help me to overcome this!

Guys…I have talked about it before… I don’t know what is happening to me, yesterday when I was sleeping, my hand automatically started to masterbate, I wasn’t aware of it, and 1 second before ejaculation I suddenly woke up… It’s happening to me everytime! I have full control over my body when I’m conscious…it always happen during sleep…please help


How in this world can it happen?

I’m the only one I think

Maybe you are in sleep paralysis or something! Do you also get erotic dreams and stuff?

Nopee… Never!..

It always happen between 12:00 to 2:30am always… There’s a specific time…

I think I should quit sleeping at night

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It’s the peak ignorance time.
Are you also feeling weak or depressed or you feel cold or maybe feel bad vibes in your room?

That’s not natural! It won’t be the solution

Ahh… Nah, I always chant Hare Krishna,

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But for a second a feel

Only for some couple of seconds

This is because of subconscious mind . You should do chant mantraz. Like hare krishna, Gayatri Mantra.

You can pray to lord narsimha deva for your protection and making you strong! And chant the rounds nicely . And one more thing that try cleaning the room very properly, at least for today , like really neat and don’t sleep in wrong direction! And maintain mode of goodness, as it gives strength


Chant mantra will make make your subconscious mind spiritual.

I do chant mantras…

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First time iam seeing so many people who are aware of the hare krishna mahamantra! Jaya :raised_hands:
Keep chanting nicely


Tell me about how much you have Masturbated and how much you watch porn.

Tell me about your addiction.

I am not addicted at all… But I used to be… When I was 13 I used to watch a lot of porn masterbate everyday

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