Help me please😭😭

It’s been 2 years , I have been stuck in this PMO loop. I was once a guy with a dream, passion to work and now I’m just a loser , who fails everyday. I don’t know how to get out of this shit . I have been on this forum before also , but never left this addiction … I don’t know what to do , should I focus on only leaving Porn or PMO at same time​:sob::sob::sob::sob:. I never did wrong to anyone, then why me ,whyyyy​:sob::sob:


We need to find a way to stay away from PMO brother. May be some habits or may be a new lifestyle. As you said two years it’s been you are addicted, I am sure you already know what makes you tempting or edging. Try to stay away from this shit. My believe is that , if you are crossing 90 days without PMO then there is high chances that you will find a way. Below to that, I feel we need to be serious enough to hold our motivation and commitment. Even I am struggling and addicted more than 10 years but failing. May be we can challenge and add ourselves in the groups where similar kind of companions flights each day


I’m thinking of starting a diary again to keep track on myself …


Listening to your story here. Bring that fire :fire: on and commit for at least 50 days or end of this year. Go ahead and keep posting.


Patience and consistency… @Kai they r the key… U need to know what is triggering/tempting u… prepare a plan for it… Be strict in following ur plan… Keep realistic goals… And chase them.


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