Help me please🙏🏼

I don’t whats happening to me . I’m having paper in few days , I’m not at all feeling interested in studies these days . It seems like I have lost will to live a life .i‘M just becoming lazy day by day . My eyes are watery and I just keep laying in bed most of time . It just seems that life is too boring . Currently I’m on day 6 of nofap. It just seems I’m too behind in this competitive world . My head keeps paining most of time in day . I can’t understand how could I get out , what to do ?


I wish I can help you
But I’m not eligible to advice you as I’m fucked up myself
I hope someone comes up to help you out.

David Goggins has said that you have to do things that suck. I suggest you to look into that on the internet. Take his advice


Il give u a simple advice… I won’t suggest you to watch motivational videos or anything… Well motivation doesn’t last long… But self discipline does…

Firstly, I understand what you might going through. Feeling fucked up and not feeling like doing anything. Its normal. I know you have your reasons. But mine was a breakup. So thats where my nofap journey began

So firstly. Commit to nofap. No jerking off no matter what. Its like making your bed first thing in the morning and even if your day is fucked up, you come home to a made up bed. Same is with nofap. Your streak is your companion. It is clearly demotivating you and kicking you down. So why am i stressing on it?

  1. You will believe in yourself that you can do things you set your mind too
  2. it ll create a domino effect. You will eat better, sleep better and feel better
  3. You will get out of “I pity myself” mindset

I wanna ask you this. Why would you continue doing something thats causing you pain and depression? Is it worth it?? Fuck no. Buckle up soldier


Nofap is your saviour. Commit to it. Or else keep feeling this way


Thnxs buddy , I’ll stick to nofap and will try to make things better


Its all part of the journey mate @Dean_Ambrose. Trust me, I’ve been through situations worse than these. During this streak flatline hit me so hard and for the first time in my life. I had depression, anxiety, pain in body, no motivation, no libido, even fever
I couldn’t wake up from bed, while talking with parents I’ll just simply cry and will move away from them. I felt like a worthless piece of shit and the only thing I wanted to do what die. But it got subsided. Now, things are getting really better. Maybe, it would be flatline. Talk to some good friend of yours, maybe hang out with them too. Be disciplined. Try hard to keep your discipline even though shit is fucked up.
Discipline + Meditation + exercise + waking up early etc can uplift your mood instantly and those things are all very important in this journey and most importantly remember these words:


These words kept me going when I wanted to do only one thing i.e. die.
I kept on going and things are getting better now. Really better.
Just keep going soldier. Understand that you are in the right path and never give up.
Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!!


Sorry I’m a bit late but I can add my 2 cents as well. Although sticking with nofap is definitely a really good start, I understand having the “valueless” you’re experiencing in the moment and I have a few suggestions to help you through your tough time until most of the mental benefits of nofap start kicking in (whick could start anytime between now and the 2-3 week mark depending on how long it takes for your mind to reset, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t start picking up right away).
One thing that I think can really be helpful is to find a quiet place, sit down, calm down, close your eyes, and talk to your inner self. Many different people take this many different ways so take it how you like, but basically try to contact your true ultimate desire, not the carnal, simple, physical desires of the body, but going into yourself and asking “what do I, in this moment, truly want for myself, for my loved ones, for my future?” try not to confuse this with what you think is the best thing for you, but what your heart truly wants. It may come right away or it may take some time with yourself. Once uou have that answer, do something today, whenever you can, to move just a little bit toward that. If in the moment you just want to get your life together, maybe try cleaning your room, or making yohr bed. If in the moment you want to learn something meaningful, then try to pick up a book and just read for a bit. If you want to get stronger try working out, even if it’s just a few push-ups on the floor. It shouldn’t take much motivation once you have that answer and just continually build upon that whenever and however you can, however small or insignificant it may seem in the moment.
I hope you can find your meaning and I hope this helps. Remember to keep working on your nofao streak and to never give up. Your future self with thank you, along with your future family, loved ones, and even kids.
Stay strong brother, I wish you luck


thnxs buddy, will surely try this.

You need to start fill your day with activities. That is only way to discard FAP. Any kind of activities, just go and sit outside, listen music…

I believe in what @MassterBrewer12 has said , sit down with ur self and ask what you want. But the difficult thing is you will not get the answers immediately, u need a bit of calm of mind, it’s like when the water is very rough we can not see deep. U need to calm ur mind first. Then u will know more clearly what u want. So first try to control ur emotions with nofap,prayer, surrender, exercise what ever works . Simultaneously sit and ask ur self ,talk to ur self like u talk to a friend . The more pure u become the more clarity u get on what u truly want, when u get that. U are out of the net of masturbation in theory, the rest is work and practice.


I am in the same condition like you rn . I am going good in nofap but I am getting so lazy. My exams are starting from 22 march and I haven’t studied anything yet. I am in so stressed rn. Only subject which I am prepared for is Accounts . I don’t know what’s going to happen
And tomorrow I will go to my New school first time . i don’t know what will happen. I will now go to school after an year. And the worst part is I don’t know anyone there.

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@the_shivam, my advice is to try to look at the positively. This is a chance for you to make new friends. I would also suggest what a recommended above. When you go into something knowing what you want to get out of it, you’re more likely to succeed in that thing, and in the direction you want to succeed.
Good luck to you brother
Stay strong

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