Help me please, it's very important

Guys, help me, I have PIED, I have abstained from PMO for 177 days. Will prostate massage speed up my recovery?

Did you go for any kind of peeking at any kind of erotic content during this streak? Or did you go for any kind of sexual stimulation?.
If the streak is completely clean I bet things will get better real soon.

the strip is clean, did not stimulate in any way and did not watch erotic content

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Have you seen a doctor?

Hey, Better see a doctor than being a doctor your self.

Secondly, since you have reached this streak at 177 days am sure the pressure has built up. But don’t let your mind get into the PMO zone, if you are getting night falls let that happen.

Don’t do it voluntary or else you know it’s going to be a waste, take cold shower eat less spicy food, have fruits and an evening and morning walk will be best, divert your mind towards something creative like if you have any hobbies.

Or if you are spiritual inclined, then try Yoga that works out best, or do some religious readings or spiritual mindfulness. Watch Tibetan documentaries.

And last but not the least don’t give up​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::star2::100: