Help me Please I'll be grateful

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Sharing code - krm223

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 32 Days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - Pakistan

Why I want a companion - *
I have tried many times alone but it’s almost impossible to do it alone i am depressed I really need an accountanility partner which is going to help alot.

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Highest aapka 32 days hai aap sahi jaa rahe hai to phir partner ki kya zaroorat hai aapko?

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I had no one to accompany me when I started nofap brother . I did felt alone and failed many times but learnt through them and made streak of 5 months . Its been 1 year , I have been doing nofap alone amd have relapsed 5 times only in the last 10 months . Once you start struggling alone and succeed , the power and confidence you attain is unimaginable .

And above all , your heart and your mind are always with you , what else do you need ?


Come on broo…i too need an accountability partner.
Please consider me …we will make it and push ourselves and be the person we want to be…

My name …paarth
Streak rn…18 days (max 37)

Are you on mdf app? Would u like to battle me?

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