HELP ME OUT....Pleasee

Hey…guys I’ve got a serious problem…has anyone get addicted to femdom porn before
if yes then please tell me how to overcome it I’ve tried enough and I’m sure the addiction is much lesser…im getting some positive vibesss


Just make social interaction with people, do some exercise. Be hard working person. Drink tea :coffee:. Talk to your father, mother or your sister. Relax to your bed, listen birds chirping music.
Read :books:.


Small things matter. Make a goal archive it. Breath make another. You were born without knowledge of eating,walking and talking yes? Now you can. Keep it simple and direct. Being on this App is a goal. Reaching out here is a goal. What’s your next one?

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


Nee avanuku advice panuriya ah, dei nee dhana da advice venumnu kaeta. Seriyana loosu thali ah irupa polayae.

Hi, i think i can help you. I have been addicted to porn as well. I tried everything to get rid of it. Atlast i did get rid of it. The way was simple i used the technology. I use apps like lock me out to get rid of all apps that gives nude or semi nude apps and there is a feature called kids space in realme phone which makes us to allow only selected apps and use them. I use only 6 apps in my phone now. Whatsapp, caller, messaging app, gpay, lock me out and keep me out. And for my pc i have created an timer for my profile which u can with parental controls where i can use them only during morning that too for only from 6-7.

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And after i got rid of porn i can now think clearly as well. What is femdom man. Everything there available ia just fantasy porn. Its funny now to think about that and all. I live in a real life now. The girls whoever rejected me during my fap days are showing interest now. Just remember this its not you who is the addict. Its the digital world that is making you one.

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Thanks man
U showed there is hope to get rid of all these fantasies

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Sorry English is primary language

Thanks bro can u send me the link of the app that u mentioned

Bro as i said i dont have access to google chrome or even playstore now only during early morning i will get one It is available in playstore. The app name is" lock me out". If the new version in playstore is not compatible with your phone. You can download the old version from google search as lock me out apk. Dont forget to enable auto start, float over and accessibilty settings from your phone settings for the app. Which will make the app work even if you restart. If you have any doubt with the app settings let me know i will help you out.

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