Help me out pals

For the past one week I feel empty and irritated.I am not able to concentrate on any of my works. Though I want to complete it I don’t have any inner motivation for doing it and sometimes I get a mild head ache. I don’t know how to over come this condition. Also I didn’t get any wet dream kind of things. Is this a normal thing ?? Please help me with this issue


It’s totally normal. Your brain is rewiring. Your brain is adjusting to normal levels of Dopamine.
I was also very irritated by ordinary things a week ago. This phase will last for 2 weeks minimum. Then you will adjust.
I had a gap of 9 days for wet Dream. Initially I had wet dreams every 3rd day. Then the gap increased. People have gaps of 25 days and even 20 days. Don’t worry. Actually, with time, the gap will increase and it’s a sign that the body is adjusting and healing.
You just need to muster a little more willpower to complete your task.
Actually, only starting a task is difficult. All it needs is activation energy. So practice it, and you will find discpline helping you.

Just keep making today better than yesterday. Stay motivated. Eventually, everything will get better. But if you relapse. Then you will have to face all this withdrawal again. And you would wish you hadn’t quit.

Keep fighting. The time will pass. It will get better. It’s getting better for me. It will also get better for you too.