Help me out of this please!

Today at 3:34am I broke my 60days streak of no P and my 9 days nofap streak …I’m feeling so depressed right now and don’t know what to do … It feels like I’m getting deep and deep into this trap and couldn’t find a way out :sob::sob:… What am I supposed to do . Mastering your brain is really a tough task :sob:
I have fallen down , I’m not the same who use to motivate others , I myself is a loser …:sob: Plz take me out of this dark , make me a human again :sob:


Hey man don’t give up
You got this you always have
Just believe in urself
I do

You let the enemy win if u give up
60days is literally insane
The fact u made this choice to improve says alot about ur character.

Don’t give up brother
Never lose hope
Your future self is looking at you



Bro, don’t give up man. Keep fighting.

Don’t look to others as well, we can’t ‘make you’ anything. We can help and support, but you are responsible for yourself. only God and you can change you. So take responsibility. And you can do it.

Are you a night-time studier? I’d advise studying by waking up early rather than late in the night. Even if you are used to studying late, you can change and get used to waking up early instead and studying, ask @richard21 . Please don’t stay up all night when all are asleep-too much of a risk, since one can’t think properly in those hours.


I will share a bit of my story, I did share it multiple times but I wanted to explain a part of it in a more detailed way… All addictions are similar in a way by the way… Challenges we face are a little different but all are similar… ( I hope this community is not bored of my stories :wink:)

So there’s this time I was smoking a lot ( cigarettes and something much worse) together a lot… So, I have got my first panic attack and it stayed for three days. I didn’t know what I smoked to cause it, or if it was due to the stresses built up, so I have to quit it all so that I wouldn’t experience it again. Also, I looked worse, I haven’t shown my face to parents in an year and half by then, I badly wanted to go home and only way is to quit it all and get better… This was my driving force, for myself because I was backed against a corner and for my parents because I dont want them to see me like that.

So I quit… My body was shaking, heart was racing due to the withdrawal and on top, panic attack too which I never experienced ever, I had nightmares, I had severe insomnia for 3 days. I still have a picture of how I looked then, I see that picture and all I see was sadness to be honest. its a long long list of side effects… I could go on like this… See, all it takes was to smoke once and all of it will go away… But I had to quit for myself… All this was only first 3 days… Next 6 months, I faced dreams, nightmares, anxiety (although it was not as severe as it would be after those 6 months), my eyes would literally be like a tunnel vision on everything I do, confusion in my head regarding everything, there is this voice like smoke smoke smoke repeating in my head like a tape recorder for 5 months or so… it was all severe to the power of 100. I thought I was going crazy. I see crazy people on the side of the road, I feel, will I be that way few years from now… So yeah, that bad.

But I kept going, didn’t I? It was not because I mastered my head, my head was going insane… Its because I had no way out,if I do it again, it wouldn’t do me any good, may be I will be much much worse… Even for me there was no way out… Donno what to do, feeling like in a trap, in a loop, its all there for me too… I didnt continue this process because I am strong or self confident, again I did it because I have to. Its the case of looking beyond. Looking at the long term than the short term… Deciding and then staying strong no matter what comes your way…

I repeat again…

I thought, I want to be this way and I fixed on it… Whatever my head says, whatever my emotions were, whatever my physical effects were, nothing matters. I want to be one way, and I have to get there whatever it takes, for me and for my family… I would rather suffer now so that I could be happy someday… So, I just suffered through it…

Same thing here with PMO, I want to get rid of it… Because it’s not what god wants from me, its not what I want for me, its not what my family would be okay with (if they ever knew), its what my conscience demands for me to be much much happier. So urges, are temporary distractions, cant give it up, how to give it up, i feel like I am stuck, these are not what makes someone relapse… These are just noises… Ultimate goal is what matters…

Quitting is simple, stop and keep going and endure whatever comes along… Wait few years, you will be good as new… Thats basically it…

In your life, you must have experienced problems… Did you back out in the face of adversity or did you accept that but still kept going? Did you ever give up? I dont think many of us will give up. They will fight for them like crazy… Because we say, its my life, I have to fight…But isn’t quitting PMO part of your life too? It is as severe as real world things, right? … How many issues does PMO cause in life? You know them for sure… So aren’t they important enough to give your undivided attention. You have to understand this to quit…

The easiest example is your head, it will always say you cant do this or that… How many times has it said things like that… And how many times have you said “shut up” to it and did what you have to do anyway and proved it wrong? Things will be bad I understand, but you have to keep going anyway brother. No one that quits anything, will do it the easy way… Its the hard way, probably hardest… But guess what? We caused it, our mistakes caused it. Its time for us, to think of the bigger picture and do what’s best for us. And no matter what happens along the way, lets show the greatest endurance.

Peace :v:


Whats done is done
Get back on that saddle and try one more time, a winner is a loser who never gave up at one time💪. You can do this


Ahh yeah , I usually study till 3am max … Well studying late nights wasn’t a problem for me until I discovered PMO😓


Thnxs everyone for having faith in me :pensive:


Yeah mate it’s possible to switch from night-time to early mornings, you can train yourself. you can stick to early mornings at least till you get rid of PMO.


When you are more depressed then think rudely. You have only 2 choice. Either cry or keep going. Decide bro… This is a simple concept…


What caused you to relapse?? Entire world is struggling with covid 19 situation,and here you are dealing with utter nonsense things. Bro, before you wank off next time, remember yourself that situations that people are facing nowadays,your mere problem of fapping is nothing compared to them

You can’t do nofap for digits and say I’m quitting. Because you’ll come back here and say I relapsed guys help please.
But you can sleep when it’s dark outside and wake up when sun rises. You should be the first to catch the sunlight. You can exercise and do physical work every morning. You are fresh and full of energy while your city is sleeping yet.
You can start your day toward the direction of your dream life. With every morning you’ll see the big change.
When the sun is up a little, look at the sky and say thank you. I’m not talking about gods. Say thank you to whatever keeps you on this planet. Do the same at the evenings when the sun is about to fade.
Eat food that is naturally tasty. That’s what you need to eat.
Also you can understand that fake pleasure doesn’t give you anything. You think you need that pleasure because usually pleasure means you’re doing good. But this one is human made fake pleasure. Skip that. You think you’ll have urges, but you won’t have urges if you understand that it’s fake.


That was awesome bro. It should really hit some people.


You better listen to this advice brother @Dean_Ambrose . Wherever you go, this is the best advice you can get. Nothing more than this

Embrace your fucking suffering and conquer your deamon.

You created it. So you slay it
And it won’t be easy but it is possible. Millions have already done it; thousands who were in worse position than yours. If they could do it, then you can too.
Sometimes its better to say the truth, even if you are sad.
You better work hard and succeed in life or you’ll be replaced.
Remember, at 3 am in the morning or 18 hours a day someone is working his assess off!
He’ll replace you.

so you have two options bro.

Either you commit 100% and get this shit together.

Or you don’t commit at all; make your life hell.

Peace :v:


This feels like a straight slap to the face … Thnxs for sharing @JonSnow001 , @Tagore And @Vardan51878


Why are you here then if you think this is stupid?

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No no brother… Its really not… My point was, no one does it unless they are backed in a corner… If someone says that you will be given a million dollars if you quit it, it will be much easier to quit… We all have that in us, we just have to bring it out… Its simple really, whatever happens, you dont relapse…

These urges or the roller-coaster of emotions and issues you have to go through… I will relate something to this…

You had a long day, you are tired but you have to do the homework anyway… Your head says, dont do it, its okay if you dont do homework once… May be you listen to it, sometimes you say no and pick yourself up and you will do the homework even when your head says no… These urges and issues are the same… Your head says so much, these will all happen, but you shouldn’t listen to them because the end goal is the only goal ( just like homework to get more marks) … In between, just noises, its upto you what to do… You can always pick yourself up and keep going in your streak… But, the problem is, we make the wrong choice… Simple reason, we miss the fun at that moment… Doing homework is no fun either but, marks are the end goal, completely quitting is the end goal here… Keep saying no to your head brother… Just trying to boost your motivation… :blush::muscle::v::raised_hands:


Also Brother, my goal was also to show the reality to you. It sometimes gets hard. We get you man; we have all been there. I can feel you.
After I relapsed on day 112 which was my 2nd highest streak I went into a full-blown-fucking chaser for 5 months. All control I had over myself was gone; I wake up- do that filthy sin 4-5 times- sleep- then repeat. This was my routine for 5 months. Can you believe that?
Then, I got control over myself only from January, as a new year came, I committed 100% and got back up.

We are all here to support you. You are our dear brother and we are always here for you man.

Whatever hardship you go through, we are all here to support you, help you, give hands and shoulders to pick you up.

But you have to commit 100%

Any help, you need pm me. Together we’ll conquer this.
Remember when we are together, everything is easy.
You do two things bro:
You create a challenge in the forum. Some one-on-one battle or last man standing or something of those sort and you manage it
What happens when you do it?
Psychologically when you are doing this, you are a leader of challenge, leader of a pack, committed to managing it and helping people who are all joining it. So you have show a good example in front of them. So this will give you an extra boost. You’ll work twice as hard not to give up.
2watch this video and follow this when the urges arise

Use rewire companion for the first 60-90 days regularly. Then reduce your Check-ins and finally become free and leave the forum forever.
We are together; we are with you always. Our shoulders are always here for you to lean


You fapped 4- 5 times everyday for 5 months?? That’s fucking insane

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