Help me i cannot tolerate anymore

…anyone there ??

hey buddy
what’s going on?

What s up with you bud ?

Fighting with urge its not going

Well I will just tell you this , yesterday morning I relapsed not mentioning why

And my life is really screwed up since then , it is not worth it

All of your progress will be gone and each time you give in the harder it will be the next time. It’s time to beat this thing.

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Any idea how to deal with urge ???

in your mind, move one step away. the urge is just a feeling like hunger or any other one.
you can choose as a person how you react to a feeling.
go away from your computer and do something you like


I kind of just wait it out to be honest. Try to find something to do or see if any friends are available to hang out. Sometimes the only option is to feel the pain and it’s going to feel like you have to relapse to get rid of the thoughts but trust me they will pass.


Good suggestion txs buddy

Thanks guys i would be relapsed if u werent here thank you again all of you.

Your life should’nt be screwed up because of a relapse its an addiction that you have to over come it should not over come you, you are still young build the discipline and beat this additction Brother omar

Its A fight and now you must beat lust :blush::blush: with a smile

Amazing idea :joy::joy::joy::joy: smile to urge

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how is it working so far

Feeling what I felt was a good point because I haven’t felt guilt fapping since years , I’m changing … I’m just sad for my lost streak , the first day after relapsing is so hard

Trust me i do know that feeling but if you learned anything from it consider yourself Lucky, because thats like a stepping stone to achieving what ever you wish to accomplish in life nf is not only about beating our addiction its also out teacher in life you if you look at it from all angles you can learn alot​:blush::blush:

Thanks for the support , needed it really nagate

I relapsed after 26 days.
Read my recent post in my diary.
In this i wrote what happened to me after a relapse.
It will provide you enough reasons to deal with your Urges.
Broken its Title.

Do something else and stop thinking about porn, Don’t you have anything to do other than porn, Don’t lose hope you will make it.