Help Me...! How to stop Sleeping time relapses

I mostly relapse in the night(after 12-3am) because in the day time I am around people and in night (when I return from work I use to be in my room when everyone sleeps)
I always thinks I should watch some entertaining program so that makes me sleepy and I will go to sleep.
& sometimes I feel tired when I come, & go to sleep immediately.
(Caution: One thing I wanna say If I get bored at night I never sleeps)

So do anyone have any solution for getting sleep early as possible. Any techniques??


You are having a hard time brother as you mention you doesn’t sleep easily.
Please Meditate atleast twice a day for 15-20 minutes.
If you excercise daily in morning skip it and do it in evening so you exhaust at night and sleeps easily.
Avoid using mobile atleast 1 hr before going to sleep as blue light which comes from mobile distrub sleep at Night.


I go to work in evening and comes at night. Around 12am

I was having the exact same problem brother !
In fact most of the relapses where at night when I was bored and surfing the phone.
Unable to sleep and end up relapsing.

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Atleast try to avoid mobile before sleep, It will help and meditate 2 times daily.

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When do you come back from work?

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Around 12am or sometimes early.

I set the setting of reading mode in night in which my mobile gives less blue light it just changes color to yellow.

It doesn’t help a lot honestly, what you should do is be exhausted and tired that you just fall asleep. Just try this. Force yourself to wake up earlier than usual. By an hour or two. Do this for a week, it will become a habit. So in order to compensate for the lost sleep, your body will sleep sooner than usual. Also try to exhaust yourself by working out if you have time before going to work. In theory it should work. Try it out. You never know, it might work.

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I will try to wake up early and do exercise then in evening I will go for work.
I will see… will it work? From my side may be yes.

But consistency is a key.
What if I don’t have consistency in my work…!
I may fall back to zero…

If being exhausted before going to work will affect your work and career then maybe not the best option. You can try reading before sleeping but from what you said, being bored doesn’t allow you to sleep so I’m not fully confident about reading. Maybe you can try this. There are some food items that canake you fall asleep faster. Try eating them for dinner. Maybe that’ll work. In the end it’s all trial and error my friend. Like nofap you gotta keep trying until you understand yourself and your body. To understand what triggers you and what keeps you motivated. Try it out. If it doesn’t work, there’s always another option.

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Cold showers before bed for few days until some good streak build on…try this for first 15days. It works,try it…when I get urge I cold bath in midnight too.