Help me how to improve

Hello every one,

I was started this challenge last day
Please help me how to improve my self.

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Age and how long you were addicted for?

Approximately 4years

Okay bro, if you know hindi you can join our WhatsApp group if you want to

I’d like to write out a section from a book I’m currently reading.

"A lot of people might hear all of this and then say something like, “Okay, but how? How do I change?”

You are already choosing, in every moment of every day, what to give a fuck about, so change is simple as choosing to give a fuck about something else.
It really is that simple. It’s just not easy.

It’s not easy because you’re going to feel like a looser, a fraud, a dumbass at first. You’re going to be nervous .You may get pissed off. You’re going to feel uncertain; I guarantee it. "Should I really give this up? Is this the right thing to do? Giving up a value you’ve depended on for years is going to feel disorienting, as if you don’t really know right from wrong anymore. This is hard, but normal… These are necessary, through painful, side effects of choosing to place your fucks elsewhere, in a place far more important and more worthy of your energies. As your reasess your values, you will be met with internal and external resistance along the way. More that anythinf, you will feel uncertain; you will wonder if what you’re doing is wrong.
Instead of striving for certanty, we should be in constant search of doubt. Instead of looking to be right all the time, we should be looking for how we’re wrong all the time. Because we are. Being wrong opens up to the possibility of change. Being wrong bring the opportunity to growth."

from a book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

stay sharp.

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