Its my day 29 without PMO. My dopamine detox is eating me alive. I’m like a zombie. All day I get random thoughts eg go eat that jumbo burger, download and see a good movie, go buy that watch.
At last, I ate the burger and watched an animated movie. I did it to get dopamine. I’m in a mess.

If I don’t watch a movie or a good episode, I turn my brain into a dopamine craving zombie. BUT IF I see, then I’m sure I’ll get triggers and soon relapse. Help me guys.


Iam not an expert at this but I will give you my insights. Hope it helps.

Bro as you have been giving your brain high dopamine for a long time, it will surely be difficult, which is why you have to look for healthy dopamine activities, which don’t give you overdose, rather the required. Trust me, it will still be not enough sometimes, as the dopamine supplied due to PMO is very high, it can’t compare to the dopamine which we get from healthy entertainment. So in that case you have to rely on your discipline and patience.

Just remember that this uneasy period will soon go away… Otherwise giving into this temptation will cause us next many days of guilt and depression.

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I think you are right. I need dopamine releasing healthy activities. But I can only think of movies and TV series. That’s the drawback. I relapse due to them sooner or later. Can u suggest any good activities? . And Thanks for the advice.

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Any good sports, do something which makes you happy, it can be anything, as long as it is a good habit.

Even comedy can give you dopamine and if you are watching comedy which actually makes you laugh and it has no triggering content or women in it, then go ahead.

Go out with your friends and have fun with them.

Reading books can also give dopamine.(choose a book which will really keep you reading it)

Reward yourself after achieving a certain goal, it can be a nofap streak, or something you achieved in your life, small or big doesn’t matter.

All the above activities will give you dopamine, so try which you like and figure some fun activities on your wlown as well.

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Try to invest time in productive things everytime the brain wants the dopamine. You can perform something that really interests you…for instance, learning a music piece on an instrument, going to gym, playing outdoor games, running, cycling, reading, meditating, drawing or so. It’s better if it’s not a digital activity.


I noted down all of these for future use. Thanks alot for your help @slave_of_allah @Sherlock221B78. It means alot.


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