Help me guys, I just messed up

I’m in serious trouble guys. I just relapsed after some set of reactions. Now I’m back to level one! What do I do. Besides, any Nigerian here? Either male or female. I don’t mind the age either

Hey man I was in the same boat, the thing which I realized that is the human brain always needs to be occupied, you should think of your goals and act on it and that’s the way you don’t think of porn, our brain can’t be empty, it’s either good or bad.


Hmmmmmmm. thanks so much. I really appreciate your swift response.

Join some challenge like in challenges se target trident pact

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You can do , you have to believe that you can …
No one can insist except you …
Focus and think much more about why you came here ?
Your dam suffer ?
What is the criticale thing that push you for relapsing man ??
Calm down , there a different thing you can enjoy it (just small things can make difference )
Do some efforts to yourself …
You can’t accept the weakness …
Just engage and try to move on when you think about something you want to quit it …
Don’t accept what the other publish and pay for an ad . You can be the controller and the leader of your mind and body .
Think that all of this issues will go …
All relapsed but what did you learned from it ?
This is the point that can open the door of what you should do forward.
Be_curious about benefits of no fap
Focus on your own reasons and the millions stories you will listen for .
Appreciated_your_exixtence .

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Don’t beat yourself. Don’t fight the wrong battle. Follow what @NhTbH said and read this:

Keep going.
In a year from now, you’ll thank yourself.