Help me get past 2 days


Every 2 days I relapse to PMO.

Only a handful of times have I made it to 4 days without.

One time I made 5 days no masterbation but viewed porn, so i don’t count that as a full 5 days.

What I have tried:

  1. I have tried using blockers. I end up finding a way around the blocker to something it doesn’t block and still relapsed. I don’t use blockers.

  2. I tried going outside and staying busy. Regardless of what Im doing an urge comes and I immediately give in.

I need help with not giving in. What do I do?

  1. I don’t have a girlfriend in person who I can touch and be private with. No single women available for me.

I started this masterbation in February 2020.

I started PMO April 2020.

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Take refuge in celibacy, self improvement, spirituality if you are a religious.guy.
You don’t have girls you can touch, why tf does it matter?
We can’t do enough on self improvement even if we invest our whole day in it.
Secondly change your mindset, you shouldn’t be requiring blockers at all. Have a strong aversion for pmo.
Maybe read easypeasy, or journal about your own thoughts to create an aversion for pmo.

At last I saw someone’s comment on one of your posts which said no one can help you except you yourself, which is true.


It seems like you’re feeling helpless inside. Let’s try not doing that. I know, it sounds stupid. Looks like you have low self-esteem. It could be powered by many things.

Find something to do - read a book, take up a hobby or something. Like mr. @Samaranjay said:

It’s not that hard and/or scary. Try something new. Start small and build up.

Something that can kill the urges is doing cardio until you’re dead tired. Try it.


I do feel helpless inside. You see correctly.

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So I made a streak of 2 days 19 hours.

Since last night. I felt anger, annoyance, and anxiety.

This morning what caused my relapse was feeling emptiness.

I wrote a tips guide what works for me a long time ago. Don’t know how much it will help but you can give it a shot. click my name, click ernol’s note. Guide is at the start.