Help me don’t pass

I’m feeling afraid, disappointed and exhausted. I felt no sexual energy past month. It’s a week I didn’t pmo. I don’t have urges. I feel that my body doesn’t produce semen anymore. My dad seriously thinks I’m a drug addict because of some behavior. I’m not into doing anything for a long time. I feel that even if I’d be homeless and hungry I would not even want to do at least something. I would die of hunger instead of fighting for food. I barely enjoy anything. I feel low when l get out to walk. I don’t want to talk anything to anybody because I don’t find anything interesting. I feel almost dead: muscles barely work, stomach as well, I don’t get hungry, I breath heavily when walking a lot, my weight is low. I can’t suicide because it’s as hard as anything else. I exercise (gym). I meditate. I eat healthy. I don’t know what else can I do.


Maybe you are suffering from something else
Maybe we try to figure it out?

Is there a way to do that?

Process of elimination

Were you a heavy porn user? What you’re feeling is really similar to low levels of dopamine. Heavy use of porn can cause this but might be other factors as well. If you are having a healthy routine and still feels very unmotivated, you should look for a psychiatrist or an endocrinologist to see what’s happening.


Im sorry that you have to go through this, I think you should start seeing a healthcare professional about this. Something this serious can’t be fought by yourself and you need to seek help. I believe you know that though since you are already seeking it here.
You will be in my prayers. I wish you the best of luck


I’d say it is flatline.


I feel same here, if you find anything solution of this problem kindly lemme know first. @Omen99
I am just curious to know… Is it because of this pmo addiction which i am abstain of?

That sounds like the clinical signs of depression. Please visit a psychologist as soon as possible
I’m glad you haven’t committed suicide, but depression makes it unpredictable. At least go talk to your nearest therapist (preferably a psychologist cause they can also prescribe meds).


Last week my dad said that he wants me to talk to a psychologist because he believes I’m a user and he don’t know what I’m addicted to. But next day he was behaving like nothing happened.

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I think he doesnt want to stress you out. You should discuss it with him, a psychologist would help a ton if you get access to one.

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Your dad is probably unsure of what to do, that’s all. Please visit a Psychologist. While it is possible that withdrawal syndrome can trigger depression, this seems to be more than that. Please book an appointment as soon as you can, at least to check it out.

:disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: I don’t want to talk to him about that.

If my sexual energy is gone forever I’ll struggle every day of my life

You don’t have to talk to your dad about it. Just ask him if you can meet a psychologist, for your own good. You need to meet one, it will help. There is nothing derogatory or belittling in seeing a psychologist or facing mental health issues like this. One of the biggest problems with society is that they look down on these kinds of problems, but I urge you to not ignore it. Please help yourself ASAP.
I have nothing more to say.

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