Help Me Brothers.Motivate me How You Can

I am 16.And I Dont know What Is Night Fall.after my 5 Days No Fap Journey I Got Wet Today Because Of Dream.I just cant Control My Self in Dream.i am Seeing I Masterbuted But Why I am Seeing This.Why I Cant see Good Things?
I have Lost My 5 days Energy. That’s So Bad.
I lost My Confidence and Now I am Done With this
●sorry I am not good in English


Hey brother

Dont be upset, that ain’t a relapse so dont woorry, you are in the process of rewiring so these nightfalls and wet dreams are normal, it means you are healing bro.

As to not get those kinds of dreams, you need to go on longer streaks and always try to maintain pure thoughts and engage with good thoughts, avoid people who talk filth and encourage you to talk about it, also most importantly be careful in social media what you see, the more we watch or do something, that will reflect on our dreams when we sleep.


Thanks.i will Follow It

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