Help I'm fantasizing

Can’t take my mind of sexual thoughts… I’m fantasizing and I’m precuming but I won’t masturbate… This happens only when I wake up… If i get through this month everything else will be easy. After 30 days nofap becomes a habit. Any suggestions…?

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Just put on some motivational music and go for a run!!

This should clear your mind

Take cold shower or workout. Do something that will allow you to distract yourself. If you pre - cum naturally then it’s okay. Your body is getting used to the no PMO. You just need time to recover. Don’t edge and don’t peak at inappropriate things and you should be okay.

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Just do something that you are interested in or you can just
Clean your room/house
Oragnize your room
Go out for a walk
Watch some old movie again or new
Do some spot running
Call your friends/family atleast msg them
Go through your studies
Cook something for yourself
There are plenty of things you can do to stop those urges just “Be Strong”
And don’t give in to those urges.


I liked this list. Good one :slight_smile: